Culinary King Gordon Ramsay’s Epic Fall from Grace: 7 Michelin Star-Studded Chef Roasted for Peddling ‘Mind-bogglingly Bland’ Food for Insanely Extravagant Prices

Despite maintaining a track record of being a globally acclaimed chef, Gordon Ramsey has little to no luck in maintaining his New York-based restaurants. The Scottish celebrity chef has made several TV appearances and has called out cooking show contestants on their way of cooking and serving bland foods. However, it seems that the chef himself is having some trouble keeping up with the flavors at his own restaurants. The uncomplicated British bar food, fish and chips, which is apparently Ramsey’s favorite, is having some trouble maintaining flavors.

Gordon Ramsey Fish & Chips Restaurant in NYC

The modest restaurant in Times Square, Gordon Ramsey Fish & Chips, is perhaps having a low-brow success. Ramsey calls his recipe of fish and chips his “go-to comfort food” and says the secret to his recipe “is in the batter”. However, it seems that no matter how much the culinary king boasts about his recipes, his restaurant in NYC is emerging as a subject of negative reviews.

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Reviews suggest that the fish at Ramsey’s restaurant is mind-bogglingly bland

The heart of the menu at Ramsey’s NYC restaurant is fish and chips, and yet people have reviewed the easy-to-make and quite common British bar food as bland. It seems that no matter how much Ramsey complains about the fish on his TV shows, Time Square tourists are finding the combination of the celebrity’s menu pretty boring and mealy. Judging by the reviews, the 7 Michelin star-studded chef is having some problems maintaining the flavors of the fish and keeping the chips from falling flat. 

Gordon Ramsey claimed his love for classic food like burger

On Hell’s Kitchen, Ramsey once physically spat out overly salty food prepared by a contestant and now the Times Square tourists and fans are finding it ironic after visiting his NYC-based restaurant. Some reviewers have claimed that the food at his restaurant is his own Kitchen Nightmare. 

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Ramsey’s take on modernizing the quintessential British dish went haywire

The celebrity chef and TV personality, Gordon Ramsey made his love for classic food like burgers, scrambled eggs, fish and chips, public. He added on his company website “Fish & Chips is a really important dish to me” and did not hesitate on sharing how the quintessential British dish was a part of his upbringing. Ramsey wished for Americans to try out the epic British bar food and therefore opened four fish and chips restaurants in prime locations like Orlando, Washington DC, Las Vegas, and NYC. 

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Celebrity chef roasted for mindbogglingly bland food

But the critics took over the internet slamming Gordon Ramsey for serving bland food for extravagant prices. The culinary king was roasted by the netizens for being an irony to his own image. The reviewers found the menu quite short and therefore easy to order; it helped them try out most of the foods and further criticize them for being severely disappointing. The Times Square tourists, fans, and critics found rarely anything on the menu to be amazing. Few went harsh on the celebrity chef, claiming that if you are not the Michelin star-studded chef you are unlikely to find anything satisfying. 

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