‘Cut Down on Office Expenses, Pay Your Employees More’: Fans Blast Kim Kardashian for Underpaying Employees After She Opens Gargantuan, Insanely Fancy SKKN Office

Kim Kardashian recently posted a video on YouTube showing fans her glamorous SKKN headquarters. In the video, Kim Kardashian showcased her massive, 40,000-square-foot office space and credited the decorators, Tommy Clements, and Waldo Fernandez. She also revealed that Michèle Lamy from Rick Owens helped with the furniture. A lot of people on Twitter criticized the socialite for underpaying her employees.

kim Kardashian - SKKN By Kim
Kim Kardashian – SKKN By Kim

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Kim Kardashian gave her fans a tour of the office

Kim Kardashian's office
SKKN By Kim – Kim K’s 40,000 Square Foot Office

Kim Kardashian gave a tour of her massive, 40,000-square-foot office space which includes two glam rooms, two kitchens, two magazine walls, an amphitheater, and a photo studio. She revealed that the “amphitheater” is one of her “favorite things in the office.” She said,

“This came about because the space is so huge in here — I think it’s like 40,000 square feet — but I wanted a cozy area not only for when the kids come and they can hang out and watch movies, but also if I had to show presentations or just look at something on a bigger scale”

The room’s centerpiece is a chocolate Rick Owens U-shaped bed/sofa. In the video, she gave a shoutout to Michèle Lamy from Rick Owens, “She did all the furniture and helped me come up with just everything that I would possibly need and love.

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People on social media criticized the socialite

Kim Kardashian has gotten her butt reduced
The socialite got trolled on social media

A lot of people came after Kim Kardashian saying that she could cut some office expenses to increase the salary of her employees.

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She also showcased her personal “glam room”

Kim Kardashian's office
Kim Kardashian’s office

In the video, she also showcased her own “calm and quiet” glam room. She pointed out that there is a seat in the shower and explained its purpose, “Not sure who came up with this idea. Actually one fun fact — I have so much going on and I work all the time that there is a real purpose for the seat.” explaining that someone from her team takes a seat while she’s showering after a shoot to ask questions, show samples and take notes.

Source: TMZ

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