CW’s The Flash: 10 Basic Mistakes Barry Allen Keeps Making

Barry Allen, better known as The Flash is the leader of heroes in the Arrowverse. Barry got the superfast speed and a smart brain which helps him to handle his group of heroes. In the arrowverse, Barry is the one who makes the decisions for his team. Therefore he has to be extra careful and focused as his actions can have pretty huge consequences.

But even after all this, he is just a simple man with a normal human heart. All these superhero responsibilities can be a little too much sometimes. But our hero is trying his best. But still there are some things that we think Flash can work on.

1. Barry Gotta Work On His Communication Skills!!

Maybe he is a private person or he likes to keep secrets, we really don’t know why but Barry keeps information from his teammates. Which is not a good trait for a leader. This causes a lot of trouble for them and he still hasn’t learnt his lesson. He has a problem with expressing what’s inside his head and this makes the situations worse for him. Sometimes the criticism from his friends can also be very hard for him to understand and this makes him distant from his loved ones.

2. Never Gets Things Done!!

His fast and busy lifestyle or his lack of commitment, we don’t know what but something is keeping Barry from finishing his chores. He was supposed to fix the torn up roof and make the S.T.A.R. lab a public place and a Flash Museum. But he ain’t got time for that. He was also supposed to create the strong AI named Gideon. But no progress as usual. Barry gotta fix this problem or else it can hinder his work in future.

3. Lack of Confidence!!

Barry needs to learn how to trust his own gut feelings and not to take advices from people like Reverse Flash. Barry should know that he doesn’t have to be so hard on himself and take things straight to his heart. He is a great leader, but in his own mind he is always lacking something. Being a perfectionist doesn’t help either, as he wants all the things a certain way in his head. And when he doesn’t get that, he starts doubting his own skills.

4. A Very Emotional Man!!

Barry sometimes lets his heart make the decisions for him rather than his head. This has led to a lot of problems for him and his team. One time, Barry tried to save his mother’s life in the past. He knew it’s not a good idea but his emotions got him and he did it anyway. Many people faced a lot of trouble because of Barry’s decision. And even after this, he did it again and created the same mess.

5. Its’s Too Easy To Earn His Trust!!

Barry is not great when it comes to keeping his own secret of being The Flash. Barry was very careful and didn’t even told Iris for a long time that he is living a duel life. And now, Barry is just out there telling his secret to almost anyone, for example his new friends like Chunk. And even Villains like Bloodwork. This might get him in some big trouble if he doesn’t stop blabbering it out to all.

6. But Sometimes He Doesn’t Trust His Own Team!!

Even if he is down to reveal his identity to anyone he wants to, he seems to have a problem sharing the crucial information with his teammates. He holds back a lot of facts from his team especially, Cisco Ramen and Caitlin Snow. This is not good and prevents the team’s unity.

7.  Barry Should Use His Brain A Little More!!

Barry is a genius scientist and a pretty smart person overall. But Caitlin or Cisco do all the technical work in the Lab and Flash is generally busy roaming around the city doing all the action. His big brain can be used in the lab sometimes and this may also get him started on the AI project he was supposed to be doing.

8. Too Many Responsibilities!!

Barry is a team leader, a Crime Scene Investigator for the Central City Police, he is running the S.T.A.R. lab and he is The Flash. So many duties for a single man. This is a too much for a person to handle and we all think that he should start getting some help from his other teammates.


9. In Need Of A Long Vacation!!

With all the work he has to do, Barry got a very little time to spend with Iris or just to relax a little bit. Being a superhero may sound cool, but the responsibilities that come with it and the amount of stress is no joke. Everybody needs a little break, even the superhumans.

10. Barry Is A Perfectionist!!

Barry needs to do all the things in a certain way which for him is the perfect way. And this can lead to a lot of troubles as all the things can’t be perfect all the time. Things like these make Barry go crazy. We think the death of his mother and family had to do with Barry being a perfectionist. As he thinks he can bring them back by doing so, which is heartbreaking. But he needs to understand that his citizens needs him to protect them and he cannot afford to be busy all the time trying to make things perfect. And this can make him ignore the reality and can be dangerous for his people and himself.

Barry Allen is a great man and a well deserved superhero. He got the speed and the brain to save the lives of people he care about. But after all he is a human, and all humans have some flaws. Just like that Barry got some of his own. But that doesn’t make him a bad superhero. He can always work on them and become a better superhero and a team leader. Do you have any other suggestions for Barry? If yes, then tell us in the comments down below!

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