D23 Website Crashes as Demand for Disney+ SOARS

D23 Website Crashes as Demand for Disney+ SOARS
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You already understand that, later this autumn, the Walt Disney Company is looking to change the universe of video streaming. You’ve got a leg up on the contest with the Disney Vault in your back pocket. Then previously today, the Mousehold revealed a whole new agreement, which sent fans into the spirit and ultimately crashed the website of Disney for its D23 fan club.

Twitter voices opinions

The deal everyone is eager for

If you are a member of D23, you can now sign up for Disney+ for an incredibly low price of $3.92 per month. The only catch? You have to sign up for three years at once. Still, it is little compared to the previously-announced $74.99 per year cost.


What do you think of the three-year deal? Will you sign up for it? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Comicbook, Cnet

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