One of the writers who frequently writes Spider-Man comics is definitely Dan Slott. He has written more issues of Spider-Man than almost anyone in the character’s publishing history. But he has been quite dissatisfied with one particular element of the character’s portrayal in Avengers: Endgame. And for once it isn’t actually about his relationship or looking up to Tony Stark.

Spider-Man Shouldn’t Kill, No Matter Who It Is

Dan Slott thinks Spider-Man shouldn't have killed in Endgame. Pic courtesy:
Dan Slott thinks Spider-Man shouldn’t have killed in Endgame. Pic courtesy:

What Dan Slott is annoyed about is a moment which comes later on in Endgame. Or to be more precise it comes during the pivotal war scene against Thanos.

When Spidey is in Iron Spider costume he goes into “instant kill” mode. Then the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man goes into a brief but brutal all-out war against Thanos’s troops. This is the moment which Slott has an issue with as he says that even in those circumstances, Peter Parker shouldn’t resort to lethal force.

This really mild criticizing comment made fans and twitter users upset. But Slott did clarify his comments a few times. He first said that the statement was just his opinion and since Peter is a fictional character, one person’s opinion isn’t binding. Later on, he added that superhero fans in general have an easier time ignoring the logical and scientific issues with characters who fly and have super strength than they do with those characters avoiding deadly force. You can check out his tweet below:

Slott’s Criticism Of Zack Snyder’s Man Of Steel

Dan Slott also criticized Superman snapping Zod's neck in Man Of Steel. Pic courtesy:
Dan Slott also criticized Superman snapping Zod’s neck in Man Of Steel. Pic courtesy:

This isn’t the first time Slott has been critical of such actions. He has also criticized Zack Snyder’s DC movies in the past too. He felt that during the climax fight of Man of Steel, Superman shouldn’t have snapped Zod’s neck. This “killer” instinct of Superman was something which John Byrne did in his equally controversial comics in the 1980s.

As always, it needs to be remembered that adaptations of comicbook movies which comes to the screen won’t perfectly sync up with comicbook stories. Slott later did acknowledge that his opinion was because he holds characters like Peter to a “different” standard.

Spider-Man: Far From Home is still in theatres, and Avengers: Endgame has been available on digital media.

If you want to know how Endgame affected Spider-Man: Far From Home, then click on the video below:

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