Dank The Destroyer: 21 Hilarious Drax Memes That Will Make You Laugh Your Ass Off

The invisible Drax is one of the most loved characters of the Guardians of the Galaxy. And it is all because of his simplicity. However, these simple looking memes brings out the best in him.

1. The most mind boggling questions ever asked. It should feature as one of the best dialogues.

2. Cause his actions were so smooth that it was invisible to the naked eye.

3. But Deadpool can see through you.

4. Drax has got a burning point here.

5. This artwork is just so awesome.

6. And that is why I am Drax the Destroyer

7. And it won’t go over my head.

8. This time Drax question actually makes a point. I mean seriously why are they?

9. I don’t like metaphors. They go over my head.

10. Drax is always into literal meanings.

11. Oh poor Mantis. But this could easily be true.

12. Maybe, just maybe. Rocket Racoon won’t be alone then.

13. Drax is a scientist. He just asked one of the most difficult questions ever.

14. Drax always tries to help.

15. Drax’s invisibility is beyond perfection.

16. Drax has got a point here Captain.

17. This is so true. Not to laugh about but to think upon.

18. Well that is true for Infinity War.

19. Did you get this one?

20. What? Even the cake is invisible now?

21. Perfect!


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