Daredevil To Begin Filming This Year

In all likelihood, Daredevil will be pushed into development for a new series. Murphy’s Multiverse recently revealed evidence of a new company that may be connected with Marvel Studios’ Daredevil reboot. It was revealed that Blind Faith Productions LLC is a new Disney-owned company, which is meant to track accounting on different projects and will most likely produce a series for the Man Without Fear. Since he is blind and a devout Catholic, the name “Blind Faith” seems to reference Daredevil. In this case, “Blind Faith Productions LLC” could be for Daredevil, indicating Marvel is indeed developing a Daredevil project.

Daredevil To Begin Filming This Year | Animated Times
Matt Murdock as Daredevil

KC Walsh, former editor-in-chief of Geeks World Wide, reported that it would be a TV series and will begin filming by the end of the year, or a year after that. It, therefore, makes sense that Charlie Cox will return to Disney+ by at least the end of 2024 if we’re lucky.

The first Marvel TV show to debut on Netflix, Daredevil marked the start of the Defenders universe in 2015. Charlie Cox starred as Matt Murdock “Daredevil”, for three seasons and in The Defenders crossover. The series was surprisingly canceled but still left room for Murdock’s story to be continued.

Daredevil To Begin Filming This Year | Animated Times
Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock

There appears to be a high chance that Disney will commence production by the end of the year on a series. In the latest issue of Production Weekly, Kevin Feige and Chris Gray are listed as producers of the “Daredevil Reboot.”

In line with expectations, Marvel Studios has been almost completely silent about its next round of productions, and there haven’t been any official announcements about a Daredevil series. 

Daredevil star Charlie Cox told HeyUGuys, “I expect to be involved in some capacity at this point.”. “Otherwise, it would be a bit of a weird one-scene moment. I don’t know much, I know a little, and what I do know I’m very excited about…there’s a chance it could be the next ten years of my life.”

Daredevil To Begin Filming This Year | Animated Times
The Defenders
Daredevil and the other Defenders shows are streaming on Disney+ from March 16 onwards. 
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