‘Dark Avengers’ Script Reportedly Under-Works By Marvel

The future of MCU post-Avengers 4 is certainly going to be dark. After a rumour surfaced recently that stated the film’s title as Avengers: Annihilation, a new report came up, thanks to That Hashtag Show, indicating that a Dark Avengers crossover film could be among the list of films yet to be released by Marvel.

There is no news that such a film is officially underway, but the report confirms that the script of the film has been recently completed. The outlet also states that Marvel commissions various scripts for each franchise, and not all of them come to life.

However, it does provide a glimpse into the future of MCU, and how the franchise will survive after the exit of Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans.

If we talk about the comics, ‘Dark Avengers’ is a new iteration of the ‘Thunderbolts’. Starting as a group of supervillains replacing Avengers under their heroic identities, the villains eventually became a part of a reformed system, which saw villains doing heroic deeds; something like Suicide Squad basically.

The team was led by a reformed Green Goblin/Norman Osborn during the Secret Invasion storyline, where Earth was attacked by the Skrulls. Dark Avengers consisted of Bullseye as Hawkeye, Daken as Wolverine, Scorpion Mac Gargan as Spider-Man, Moonstone as Ms Marvel and Osborn himself as Iron Man.

Now, given that Captain Marvel will bring introduce the Skrulls into the MCU, It would make sense that the studio decides to build on these events and start their own bad-ass villain team.

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