Dark Knights: 6 Deadliest Versions Of Batman, Officially Ranked

Batman is liked by one and all as he’s known for his world class fighting skills and his cool gadgets and DC has been capitalising on the character since years. The character has been experimented on multiple times and as a result of this, there have been various versions of the character.
Over the years, there have been multiple takes on the character and all his characteristics, all his versions are really powerful. So today we will tell you about 6 deadliest versions of Batman.

6. The Dawnbreaker

Batman has used the Power Ring a few times over the years and he did it during the Dark Knights: Metal storyline where Wayne doesn’t go along the Corps’ way and corrupt the ring. He went on to become the most powerful Lantern and the angry version of this Batman has access to unlimited power.

5. The Murder Machine

This is like Terminator meeting Batman where Bruce Wayne brings the Alfred Protocol to life. The program grows quickly and overwhelms the hero.
This AI when merged with Bruce creates a destructive cybernetic Batman who even defeats the whole Justice League and eventually takes over the world. Totally a dangerous versio of Batman!

4. The Batman who laughs

As you should’ve guessed that this is a Joker-ish version of Batman where Batman snaps finally to become Joker.
In this storyline, Joker’s body releases neurotoxin which turns his murderer into another Joker. He becomes a villain eventually and destroys the multiverse.

3. White Lantern Batman

Batman wears the White Lantern Ring and becomes the most powerful being on the entire planet.
White Lanterns are capable enough to bring the dead back to life and this makes this version of Batman one of the most powerful beings in the universe.

2. Mobius Chair Batman

Batman spent some time on the Mobius Chair and became the God of knowledge.
He can read minds and see the future becoming a really powerful being and he used these powers to curb crime in Gotham.

1. Atmahn The Night Judge

This Batman was a God. In the storyline of Trinity, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman became Gods. They learn that they are crucial to maintain order and balance the ecosystem. They are eventually transported to another dimension. They go on to be worshipped by humans and this still remains as one of the most fascinating takes on Batman.

Vasu Sharma
Vasu Sharma

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