Dark Of The Moon vs. Bumblebee: Which Is The Best Transformers Movie?

Transformers movie franchise has managed to make good films from 2007 along with a spinoff movie on Bumblebee. Dark of the Moon came in the year 2011 showing the evil Decepticons renewing their longstanding war against the Autobots. Whereas Bumblebee released in 2018 was a light hear action-comedy movie which had fewer unnecessary explosions and better editing. 

Transformers Movies For Separate Audiences

The previous 5 movies of the Transformers are directed by Micheal Bay.

Both the movies had a different genre, Dark of the Moon was based on heavy action sequences whereas the Bumblebee provides nostalgia as it was set in the 1980s. Dark of the moon tried to show the initial stage when Transformers came crash-landed. Dark of the Moon came one year prior to Marvel’s Avengers and one scene had a beam in the sky that will remind you of the New York battle scene from the avengers. 

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The difference in Director’s Visions

Travis Knight and Micheal Bay
Directors of Transformer Movies, Micheal Bay and Travis Knight

All the previous Transformers movies were directed by Michael Bay whereas Bumblee was directed by Travis Knight. All the previous movies seemed a bit predictable but bumblebee was a spinoff with a new fresh vision. In Bumblebee, the emotions between the characters reached out to the audiences which the previous transformer franchise movies failed to do. 

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Bumblebee was Better Executed 

Bumblebee Transformers
Bumblebee was the sixth installment of the Transformers franchise

Previous Transformers movies were not critically acclaimed and neither was liked much by the audiences. However, Bumblebee did not have poor lame Micheal Bay jokes and delivered justice to every character and story of the film. It used a basic storytelling technique making it a focused movie. Though it was not on a big scale as the previous movies, Bumblebee turned out to be the best movie from the Transformers franchise. 

Which is the Best Transformers Movie? Bumblebee it is!!

Bumblebee Hailee Steinfield and John-Cena
Bumblebee had Hailee Steinfield and John Cena as its starcast

Bumblebee is a modest film that you won’t be able to accept in the Transformers movie. The previous movies were just explosions and just trying to do something new whereas Bumblebee had a connection with the audiences. Bumblebee sets itself apart from the explosive Transformers movie. It aims towards a character-driven narrative rather than flying robots that stumble over themselves as things go boom. 

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