Dark Phoenix Cameo Contains The Debut of Cult-Favorite X-Men Rebel

The most recent, and the final film that wrapped up the long-running X-Men franchise was headlined very frequently during its production and release. Dark Phoenix was faced with several lengthy delays, expensive reshoots, and finally ended up earning the lowest profits in the box office compared to the entire franchise, which is disappointing at the least. 


Cameo Appearance In Dark Phoenix 

Even though the film had an inadequate response from audience and critics alike, there were several exciting features of the film that were swept under the rug. One highlight was that it included the debut of a follower-favourite X-men character in the movie,  somehow nobody noticed upon the first watch.


The movie will soon be released digitally and be available for home viewing, where a rewatch will be expected by a majority of the fandom. The rewatch would reveal a particular scene in Dark Phoenix, where the debut of Quentin Quire takes place. Quentin Quire is the Xavier School’s punk-rock rebel, and he is also the only Omega-level telepath who often spends time with Jean Grey. Have a look at the screencap of her appearance below: 


Cameo Scene Of Quentin Quire in Dark Phoenix

Cameo Scene Of Quentin Quire in Dark Phoenix
Quentin Quire is a young telepath with telekinetic as well as superhuman intellect powers

The cameo is brief, showing a pink-haired boy walking past the mansion hall. He was also seen wearing his signature jacket as well as his horn-rimmed glasses, which only further emphasised on her character. There’s no acknowledgement of the character in the film; however, fans of the X-men comic franchise would’ve definitely identified him as the talented Kid Omega. 


Expected Appearance Of Quire In X-Men

Expected Appearance Of Quire In X-Men
Quire is an Omega level mutant, which means that he’s one of the strongest within his genetic kind

The recent X-Men relaunch for Marvel Comics also included Quentin Quire as part of the team. The designer, Tom Muller, recently confirmed that the young boy was an Omega-level mutant residing in Krakoa. He hasn’t appeared in House of X yet; however there have been several appearances of him in the unfinished preview pages of X-Men, which will come out later this year. 

Watch the trailer for Dark Phoenix here:

Source: Comicbook, Cbr

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