Darkseid with DC's Infinity Gauntlet


In a year ago’s Justice League: No Justice, a team of the world’s most noteworthy superheroes (and supervillains) wandered deep into the universe to save the cosmos from the danger of the Omega Titans.

By drawing in the old space gods, the Justice League wound up liberating a great many universes that had been kept packaged on the planet Colu for endless years.

Accordingly, the Ghost Sector was made: an area of space where these freed universes re-rose.

Cyborg, Starfire and Azrael were altogether taken to this Ghost Sector thanks to the controls of Darkseid. Who has bafflingly been working in the background as far back as the beginning of Justice League Odyssey.

In any case, in the series’ most recent part, Justice League Odyssey #5, the Lord of Apokolips’ most recent is finally uncovered… Apokoliptian tech called the Other Box.

Darkseid's New Weapon Is DC's Infinity Gauntlet
Darkseid’s New Weapon Is DC’s Infinity Gauntlet


Actually no, not the Mother Box. The Other Box. Very little about this new bit of tech has been revealed, but we do realize that it looks very like the Mother and Father Boxes regularly found in stories including Apokolips and New Genesis.

The box is in the rough state of a block and bears Darkseid’s mark Omega symbol at its inside. Likewise, this weapon is the way to the success of Darkseid’s most recent plan to command all of its existence.

Things being what they are, the majority of the planets that were kept packaged on Colu contained key bits of Darkseid’s plan, and that is the reason they were kept covered up for such a long time.

Since they have been released, however, Darkseid has uncovered that these planets contain what he needs to build another form of the evil New Gods’ homeworld, Apokolips.

This New Apokolips is intended to be greater, badder and meaner than the first, and its motivation is to fill in as a base of tasks from which Darkseid can launch a full ambush on the multiverse.

Darkseid: DC Comics
Darkseid: DC Comics


At the centre of this plan is the Other Box, which will permit Darkseid to make his ultimate weapon. Much similarly that Marvel’s Thanos used the Infinity Gauntlet to release absolute decimation on the Marvel Universe.

DC’s Darkseid may have an instrument to rival the Mad Titan’s golden glove; if not in sheer power, in the ability to vet his dauntless will.

Darkseid has been one of the greatest dangers in the DC Universe. Presently, with the Other Box, the Lord of (New) Apokolips will turn out to be much more hazardous than before, and the walls between universes won’t almost certainly stop him. The whole multiverse could indeed be his to wreck.

Source: CBR, ComicsAlliance

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