Dave Bautista gains extra; he and Pratt trolling at each other


On September 9, a fan by the name Andy Beal shared his progress after working out like the Chris Pratt for six months on Men’s Health UK twitter page.

“Honored my story motivated you! You have in turn inspired me.” – Chris Pratt

Pratt responded with a sweet tweet a day after, “Wow! Keep up the great work Andy,” Pratt said. We all need a kick in the butt from time to time. Honored my story motivated you! You have in turn inspired me.”

Bautista gained a little extra from training like Chris Pratt! 



Meanwhile Pratt’s co-star from the Guardians of the Galaxy Dave Bautista decided to pull a prank on Pratt. Dave posted a before and after photo of his own, though it seems he isn’t exactly a fan of the Pratt training regime, especially after adding that hashtag of #whatsmysnack.

Now wait a minute… 


As a matter of fact Bautista was, in all likelihood, aping a reverse of the transformation that Pratt underwent prior to starring in Guardians of the Galaxy; best known as the loveable schlub Andy Dwyer in NBC’s Parks & Recreation, he lost weight and got ripped to play Peter Quill in the Marvel franchise. He has since become known for his intense workouts and unconventional diets, posting motivational videos to Instagram and challenging fans to make the most of their fitness journey.

Pratt pretended not to get the dig at first, saying: “Wait. In the after picture you look… like maybe you gained a little… wait… hold on…”

Jokingly, as Men’s Health puts it ‘Maybe Bautista was hoping to get similar praise from Pratt… Or maybe, just maybe, he was just trolling his friend and co-worker,’ we will never know.

Good friends laugh at each other

Good friends laugh at each other
They’re a good bunch. They troll at each other’s face just like us


But now we know that the cast of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy seem to be a pretty tight-knit crew, both in the movies and off the set, but that doesn’t mean they won’t take shots at each other from time to time.

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