Dave Chapelle Donates Entire Proceedings to Mass Shooting Victims, Shuts Down Trans-Activists

Dave Chapelle, the American stand up, has come forth to offer a helping hand. The stand-up comedian, who is notorious for getting into controversies for making jokes against the transgender community, has shown what a class act he is.Dave presented his stand-up at Shea’s Performing Arts Center in Buffalo. The proceedings from the show, which was held Last Sunday, would go to the next of kin of the victims of the Buffalo mass shooting.

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The Horrendous Crime

Payton Gendron has been apprehended
The perpetrator of the racially motivated crime was just 18-years old

The shocking event which unfolded in Buffalo was the responsibility of a teenager, Payton Gendron. The 18-year-old live streamed the massacre, in which he killed 10 people with an assault weapon. The crime shook America to its core, evoking a sharp response from a host of people, ranging from eminent celebrities, to even the US President, Joe Biden.

The crime has led to renewed debate about America’s gun laws, drawing attention to the Second Amendment. It is also apparent that the shooting was well thought out and racially motivated, evident from the fact that out of the 13 people he shot, 11 were black. Many attribute Gendron’s actions to the influence of Fox News’ racist theory, which it has been spreading for years.

Dave Chapelle’s Heartwarming Gesture

Dave Chapelle during a stand-up
Dave Chapelle contributing where it counts

Dave Chapelle’s show, which was held in the 3019-seat Shea’s Performing Arts Center, was sold out within an hour after bookings started on Tuesday. Dave said that he had decided to organize a show in Buffalo to pay respects to families of the people who were killed in the mass shooting. This was an emotional moment for the victims’ family members, who were personally invited by Dave to attend the show. He also met them before the show. The 48-year old offered them a moment of happiness in these dark times. And adding to this gesture, Dave also declared during the show that the entire proceedings from the show would go to the victims’ families.

An altruist, through and through

Dave Chapelle with the people
Dave Chapelle has never shied away from helping people

Dave Chapelle’s heartwarming gesture has yet again brought out the other (and less documented) side of his character- the side which is not afraid to stand up for a cause. When he resonates with people’s misfortune and sufferings, he has never shied away from helping them. Be it for utilising his platform to support his African-American community, raising voice against the killing of George Floyd, or coming to the aid of people affected by hurricanes and other natural disasters.

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