‘Suicide Squad’ Director Just Addressed A Major Joker & Robin ‘Plot Hole’

Suicide Squad released more than two years ago and fans are trying their best to come in terms with director David Ayer over various plot holes and issues in the film.

Ayer has been responding to fans lately and as he pointed out in the past, Joker got his gold teeth when Batman punched him in the face after he (Joker) killed Robin. However, when you go back to the film, you’ll find a certain plot hole in the continuity. When Joker meets Harley for the first time in the film, while she’s still a doctor, Joker was shown with the same gold teeth. It was later revealed in the film that Harley was also involved in Robin’s murder.

However, according to Ayer, this plothole happened because of the changes made to the Suicide Squad post its production. Here’s what the director posted on Twitter:

It’s not the first time that someone is saying that the Suicide Squad was altered after its initial phase of filming. Maybe, this timeline made more sense in Ayer’s original vision.

Again, this timeline isn’t supposed to be that confusing. Just remove Harley’s involvement in Robin’s murder and 75 per cent of the issue will be cleared up immediately.

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