David Ayer Denies False Claims of Cutting off Joker Due to Bad Performance

Jared Leto portrays  the role of the DC villain Joker in Suicide Squad. Throughout the movie, one can watch him through flashbacks and trying to rescue Harley Quinn. He obviously went crashing along with his helicopter into oblivion. Although everyone thought that he was dead director David Ayer revealed what actually happened. ‘After Joker dropped [Harley Quinn] from the help and crashed, Enchantress made a deal with him,’ he tweeted. ‘He was going to take Harley home and be King of Gotham. Harley stood up to him and refused to betray her new friends. The Squad turns on him and he escapes.’ There was a chance that Jared would return back to playing the role of Joker. But then again Joaquin Phoenix plays the role of the Villian. 

The Fan Tweets

Certain reports went around claiming that David Ayer doesn’t pay much heed for Leto’s standalone movie. Further there are claims that the movie’s direction is in impediments. This may also have been the reason why majority of the Joker scenes are missing from the Suicide Squad movie. But David Ayer has now come forward with the statement denying these claims.

A fan recently tweeted an articles by THR mentioning @DavidAyerMovies in a tweet. The fan is shown asking him to clear the “BS.” Suicide Squad‘s director responded by stating that this was “inaccurate information.”

Ayer said these weren’t his words or actions. Whatsoever the matter still remains unclear on whether accusations on Leto were real or not.

The Joker Controversy

The Joker Controversy
Joaquin Phoenix appeared in the Joker Standalone movie instead of Joker.

Jared Leto had been promised for his own spin-offs from Suicide Squad. The spin-offs were going to revolve around Joker and Harley Quinn. Margot is going to have her standalone Harley Quinn movie released in 2020. However, the Joker movie which released recently saw Joaquin Phoenix live in action. There are reports claiming Jared Leto sent gifts to his castmates. This did not sit well with the studio. Also, majority of the Joker featurette was cut off from the suicide squad. This might as well have not been a coincidence. Though David Ayer has denied the rumors, the WB Studios have kept shut on these reports.

You can see Joaquin Phoenix in a standalone movie of the villain, Joker. It has already released in theaters now. As one can see Margot Robbie will reprise  her role from Suicide Squad (without Leto) in Birds of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn). That movie will release on February 7th, 2020. And you can watch Leto in Joker in an alternate reality. Well neither WB nor Ayer were upset by his antics in this reality.

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