David Harbour Confirms Thunderbolts Will Explore ‘His and Florence Pugh’s Dynamic’ – One of the Most Underrated and Fan Favorite Elements in Black Widow

David Harbour is famously known for playing one of the biggest roles in Stranger Things as Jim Hopper, and now the actor made his way to the biggest franchise in the world, starring as Red Guardian in Black Widow. The movie has been showcased as the first movie in the MCU’s Phase Four, introducing us to David Harbour’s character alongside Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova.

David Harbour, Thunderbolts
David Harbour, Thunderbolts

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David Harbour debuted as Red Guardian in 2021’s Black Widow and will reprise his role when Thunderbolts releases in 2024. According to sources, the pair will star together once again in the upcoming film and this time, the movie will close out Phase Five, introducing new members into the MCU.

David Harbour Teases Thunderbolts Role, Reveals the Movie Is Not What We Expect

Thuderbolts 2024 movie cast
Thunderbolts 2024 movie cast

Recently, the actor revealed some important details to the audience, however, he hasn’t read the whole script yet, though he knows the movie’s overall plot. The Stranger Things star teased fans by saying that “the group is more like a bunch of losers or a bunch of guys who can’t quite get it right.” He added more details by saying:

“It’s really cool. We introduce a thing that’s super cool. It’s vital. I’m psyched that Julia Louis Dreyfus’ character is going to be, in a bigger way, explored. One of the things you’ll probably know is that me and Florence’s dynamic will be in there and explored in a way that’s really cool. But all these guys, Sebastian’s character, Wyatt’s character, I just love this mercenary element in the MCU.”

“MCU has always been sort of elevated in a certain way. Captain America, even Iron Man, although he has egos, are always in it for the right reasons or ultimately does the right thing. And I like these guys who are a bunch of losers or a bunch of guys who can’t quite get it right. And so far what they’ve pitched me just feels really cool.”

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The actor also revealed that the movie is not what we really expect. It consists of some new elements and new things that we have yet to see in the universe. Fans can also see Pugh, Dreyfus, Wyatt Russell, Sebastian Stan, Hannah John-Kamen, and Olga Kurylenko when Thunderbolts hits the theaters. The upcoming film will start filming next year and is set to be directed by Jake Schreier.

Why David Harbour Calls the Thunderbolts ‘The losers?’

David Harbour teased Thunderbolts' plot
David Harbour teased Thunderbolts’ plot

Earlier, during a podcast, David Harbour took some time to discuss Thunderbolts. When asked how they compare to the Avengers, the Red Guardian actor called the Thunderbolts as the “losers” of the MCU and teased what to expect from the new super-team. He revealed:

“We’re like losers, which I like. We’re the losers. I think it’s fun to watch us just mess everything up. It’s very funny, there’s also a lot of pathos in that. There’s a lot of drama in a bunch of people who just keep getting their lives wrong and — because of character flaws — keep messing things up.”

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The Stranger Things actor is pretty on point when he calls the Thunderbolts the losers of the MCU.  It is basically a team of reformed supervillains, the Thunderbolts are the antihero version of the Avengers and, in the comics, were first introduced when several members of the Avengers were killed off. Currently, the MCU has listed a few characters to make a role that fits in the project and could easily help to get a Thunderbolts franchise ground off, as a movie.

Thunderbolts is going to hit theaters on July 26, 2024.

Source: collider.com

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