David Harbour Teases Hopper’s Fate in Stranger Things Season 4

David Harbour Teases Hopper's Fate in Stranger Things Season 4
I can do anything I want. I am the Chief of Police.

People who watch Stranger Things are undoubtedly familiar with David Harbour’s character. David Harbour plays the role of Hopper on Stranger Things. Hopper is the Chief of Police who is investigating the strange scenarios taking place in the town. Throughout the series, he has considered Eleven to be his adopted daughter and wants to win over Joyce in a cute romantic way.

The SNL Appearance

The SNL Appearance
You want Spoilers for Stranger Things Season 4? Just watch it when it airs!

David Harbour’s appearance on SNL was associated with a fascinating monologue. Unlike the previous monologues done by various artists, Harbour’s Monologue paid homage to Stranger Things’ Upside Down. This monologue addressed the dramatic end to Season 3, which left many fans hanging.
He casually takes a stroll around the studio before helping the cast members. First, he comes across Kate Mckinnon, who shows him the portal. David then enters the portal and comes across Aidy Bryant but mistakes her for the tragically departed Barb before moving on. He bumps into a couple more cast members and someone who is in the process of being engulfed.


Pete Davidson’s Hilarious Return

Pete Davidson's Hilarious Return
David Harbour finds Pete Davidson in the Upside Down Monologue.

Pete Davidson is back at the SNL house after shooting for Suicide Squad. The crowd is seen cheering loudly for Davidson, who is back after weeks of shooting for the new movie. David Harbour is going around in the Upside Down Realm when he finds Pete. At first, David is shocked as he says, “Wait, No. No, it can’t be. Pete, Davidson!” Pete coolly says, “ Hey What Up?” That is when David Harbour asks Pete a million-dollar question, “Is this where you have been, in the Upside Down?” Pete answers, saying, “Yeah, dude. It’s Lit, right?” Pete then asks David, “Hey didn’t you like to die at the end of the show, or are you…?” David answers Pete by merely saying, “No, I don’t…I’m not exactly authorized…Just watch the show next season.” David then moves on to meet up with Keenan Thompson, who tells him to do the monologue to which David says, “Alright, thanks, Boss.”

Although the future does seem to have uncertainties, Stranger Things takes things to the new level. Every season has a cliffhanger, which leaves fans wanting more. But there no evidence surrounding Hopper’s death or whether he will be back for season 4. One can only wait for the season to release for further confirmation.

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