David Harbour’s Role Revealed In MCU’s Black Widow

The solo Black Widow movie has been the focus of much hype in the MCU fandom. While there is secrecy regarding which characters will appear in the movie but it looks like one of the mysteries have been solved. David Harbour was long rumoured to be part of the Black Widow cast and it looks like we finally know which character he will be playing.

Which Character Will David Harbour Play In Black Widow?

David Harbour will play Red Guardian in Black Widow. Pic courtesy: Comicvine.gamespot.com
David Harbour will play Red Guardian in Black Widow. Pic courtesy: Comicvine.gamespot.com

David Harbour’s character in the upcoming Black Widow movie is the Russian Captain America. This was confirmed by the Marvel Studios panel at SDCC 2019. The name of Russian Captain America is Red Guardian.

While Red Guardian might not be the biggest name in Marvel Comics but he is is an important one. Moreover he is certainly a very interesting character choice for MCU’s Black Widow. This is because he is the Soviet equivalent of Captain America.

Who Is Red Guardian?

Red Guardian's powers are similar to Captain America's. Pic courtesy: writeups.org
Red Guardian’s powers are similar to Captain America’s. Pic courtesy: writeups.org

The chracter, real name Alexei Shostakov was first introduced in Marvel’s The Avengers #43 in 1967. He was the Soviet Union’s weapon since they has secretly created their own version of Captain America due to the cold war with US. He is a master of hand-to-hand combatant, an expert pilot and a highly trained in espionage.

Red Guardian has gone up against Black Widow and Captain America both. But it certainly will be interesting to see how it all translates to present day MCU.

Click on the video below to know how David Harbour feels playing this character in Black Widow:

(Source: screenrant.com and refinery29.com)

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