With Birds of Prey and Wonder Woman 1984, DC is coming with two female-led superhero movies in 2020. After receiving mixed reviews for BvS: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad and Justice League, the studio team-up film has had an underwhelming run until now. The only considerable hit is Patty Jenkin’s Wonder Woman which did not get received well by fans and critics but also earned over $800 million worldwide.

Wonder Woman was the first female superhero film to hit theatres since 2005’s Elektra. This means that Warner Bros had beaten MCU and Fox’s X-Men to deliver a woman led comic book film. Now, Marvel is coming up with Captain Marvel next year and a potential Black Widow film in 2020. Sony also has plans for a solo Silver Sable and Black Cat films in 2020.

Birds of Prey is set to release in February 2020, while the sequel to Wonder Woman will release in the summers of the same year. Jenkins’ Wonder Woman 1984 was earlier set to release next year but was recently pushed back to 2020. It will arrive four months after Cathy Yan’s Birds of Prey which will see Black Canary, Harley Quinn and Huntress.

With two female-led films coming in 2020, it’s almost certain that the year will be dominated by women-led comic book films. This will not be a major milestone for representation in DC’s films, but a milestone for Hollywood in general. Fans had been demanding for diversity since years and now Warner Bros is set to deliver fans with two female-led superhero films in a single year.

Marvel also has two female-led films in store but since much of their future slate is unclear, there could be more changes in the early stages of development. As for Fox, they are about to get acquired by Disney, and it seems unlikely that a Kitty Pryde film will ever be made.

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