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DC cancels 6 titles in May! [List Added]



This is animated times with devastating news.

DC comics cancels the worldwide fan loved title Super Sons with the issue 16.

The May Solicitations out a few hours ago features the last issue of Super sons with the title “The end” on it.

While Teen Titans (By Ben Percy), Titans, Trinity, Batgirl and birds of prey, and Supergirl are missing from the solicitations.
Aside from that a huge amount of Justice League: No Justice are included.

Below is the cover for Super sons 16.

Super Sons Cover

While no explanation was given for the other titles, Peter J.Tomasi responded to fan criticism and comments on Twitter about the ending of Supersons.
Good Crikey my Twitter account is exploding! Brothers and sisters, keep thinking good things! It is not being cancelled for bad sales. There are plans afoot I can't share at this early juncture but you will be happy with the results - Super Sons lives!

The book ended not because of bad sales but because the DC editorial has something better and bigger in-store for the fans. Later on, Tomasi added
Wow! The love and sadness for Super Sons being cancelled is knocking me out! So, before too much time passes let me be the first to tell you that I’m not done with our two favorite boys and new news will be forthcoming soon!

Clearly, he received a huge amount of response to this shocking new and if you’re familiar with even one of the issue, you don’t need to ask why.

He also added
But hey now! Remember, keep your love for the last few issues of Super Sons going, lots of fun to be had with some emotional tugs waiting around the corner, and it shows that you continue to support the book/characters as we prep the new stuff coming yer way!
Tomasi asked the fans to show their support for the current issues and wait for good news to come, confirming that there will be good news, but he couldn’t say because it was too soon.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you as sad as we are?
Is this cancellation worth it? Can anything DC provides in return make up to this awesome book?
How does the No Justice event effects this? What does Brian Michael Bendis’s Superman reboot have to do with this?
And why cancel all six titles, Birds of Prey, Trinity, Teen Titans, Titans, Supersons and Supergirl at the same time?
Leave your thoughts below.

List of canceled titles by DC:
  • Super Sons
  • Supergirl
  • Teen Titans
  • The Birds Of Prey
  • Trinity
  • Titans