DC Comics Is Going to Kill Black Adam, Here’s How

Here is some shocking news for all DC fans. Black Adam is going to get killed.

Last year, the Shazam villain went on to join the Justice League, and before its cinematic debut, Black Adam will is going to star in his own solo comic series.

What will Black Adam #3 Explore?

Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam
Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam in FanDome trailer

It will be written by Christopher Priest with the art by Rafa Sandoval, as the title will explore the immortality of Black Adam fading away, eventually forcing him to go ahead and choose a successor worthy enough. As revealed by the Black Adam #3, the comic will see the demise of the fan-favorite DC character, however, his descendant, Malik, will try his best to bring him back to life.

All about BLACK ADAM #3

Black Adam #3
A still from Black Adam #3
  • Variant covers by RAFA SANDOVAL and RAHZZAH
  • 1:25 variant cover by RAFA SARMENTO
  • Swimsuit variant cover by EMANUELA LUPACCHINO
  • $3.99 US | 32 pages | Variant $4.99 US (card stock)
  • ON SALE 8/16/22
Black Adam #3
Still from Black Adam #3
  • Black Adam is dead, and the Mesopotamian gods of Akkad are having a field day. Are the gods real or are they merely figments of human imagination? Accepting death but denied redemption, Black Adam becomes an ersatz Gilgamesh as he journeys through Akkadian Hell while Malik, his young descendant, goes to extreme and unethical measures to try and revive him, all the while wondering if he should save the life of one of the greatest evils the world has ever known.


When will the DC series arrive in stores?

Black Adam #3
Black Adam #3

The series is set to arrive in stores in June this year, a few months before actor Dwayne Johnson gives the character his first live-action portrayal in the upcoming Black Adam. The movie was originally scheduled to hit the theaters on July 29 but it went on to get delayed until October 21. While the solo series of Black Adam is going to be set in the main DC Universe, DC Comics will also be releasing a one-shots series, serving as prequels to the forthcoming movie, with one highlight being Hawkman.

Making his first appearance in The Marvel Family #1 in 1945, in the pages of DC Comics, Black Adam has mostly served as among Shazam’s greatest nemeses.

Black Adam
A still from Black Adam

Writer for Justice League #75, Joshua Williamson also suggested in an interview with CBR that this overall experience might go on to influence how his reactions to the next generation of superheroes, like Jon Kent, in DC’s Dark Crisis event.

“[Black Adam] sees them as children,” Williamson said. “He doesn’t believe that even the members who have experience have what it takes to be considered the Justice League. There’s a scene later where he flat-out tells them that they’re lost in the shadow of the League. He does not believe in them. He has no faith in their abilities, and he feels that they are incapable of stepping up.”

The series will go on sale in July.
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