DC: Every Power Ring, Ranked

Everything is possible in the world of superheroes. Be that transferring bodies with help of a helmet or becoming the most powerful with a glove gilded with stones or with a piece of ordinary jewelry like a ring. Yes, you heard that right, a ring. How can a ring possibly be a dangerous element to start with? It can be one of the greatest threats to the enemy in the DC Universe. With Green Lantern Ring said to be the most powerful of all the rings, let’s have a look at every power ring in DC Comics, ranked.

5. Black Power Ring

Black lantern corps
Black Lantern Corps

This ring of the Balck Lantern Corps is said to have the ability to draw its power from the nature of death itself. The core of this ring is made up of the Anti-Monitor’s dying essence after Sinestro Corps War, which gives it power.

4. White Power Ring

White Lantern Corps
White Lantern Corps

This ring has the superpower of bringing back a dead person to life. Also, it has the unique ability to turn all other power rings into white power rings for a period of time. To point out especially, the first time it brought someone to life was with its own will and not with the wielder’s will.

3. Star Sapphire Ring

Star Sapphire Ring
Star Sapphire Ring

This ring uses the most powerful emotion love to yield power. It holds within the purest form of love and therefore the wielder must accept it willingly instead of force. The wielder enjoys the power of teleportation with this ring and also with this ring comes the ability to imprison other ring holders into crystals created by the Star Sapphire Ring. One can also revive their beloved with the power of love.

2. Red Lantern Ring

Power Ring - Red Lantern Ring
Red Lantern Corp

Ignited by pure hatred and aggression, the Red lantern ring is said to be the most dangerous one. This ring is charged by the blood of the victims. This ring is known to drive its wielder mad and transform them into mindless, violence-driven monsters. It lowkey makes the wielder cold, away from every emotion other than rage. It stops the heart of the wielder and drives Red Lantern energy into their bodies forcing their blood out through the mouth as a corrosive substance.

1. Green Lantern Ring

Power Ring - Green lantern
Green Lantern Corps – Hal Jordan

The most powerful ring of the DC Universe is the Green Lantern Ring, purely fueled by willpower. With the help of this ring, the wielder can tackle every obstacle with his strong willpower. Hal Jordan is said to be the greatest of all the Green Lanterns. His willpower became so great that he was able to create his own power ring and battery using his willpower in the Rebirth era.


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