DC FanDome: New Batman Arkham Game to be Unveiled

The DC FanDome is a first of its kind online convention that will feature all ongoing and upcoming DC Comics Ventures and Production. The 24 hour event will be conducted online on August 22 and will feature many stalwarts from the DC Comics as well as the DC Extended Universe department. DC Gaming, a comparatively lesser known bastion of DC, is also coming to the event. Fans are already head over heels on the fact that Rocksteady is making a Suicide Squad game set within the Arkham-Verse. But there is more to it than what meets the eye. An entirely new Batman: Arkham Game is in the works. It will be officially revealed during the DC Fandome event.

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The official panel members for the DC FanDome have been revealed. They will be presiding over the FanDome event. The first glimpse of the two new games based on popular DC Characters has also been revealed to the public. One of the games, Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad, is all the rage right now. But wait till you hear this. Another Batman Arkham Game is also in the pipeline and will be officially declared by the creators of Batman: Arkham Origins.

The Suicide Squad Game Reveal is only the beginning. Warner Brothers Montreal is also coming to the dc FanDome panel and they have a pretty huge surprise for DC Fans. From what we know so far, the teases suggest there is a strong possibility it is a new Batman Game in the works. The game can be deduced to be set within the same Batman: Arkham Universe. Many prominent sites have claimed that rumors were rife about a new Batman Game under development to be revealed during the FanDome event. Things are looking up for those rumors. Whatever’s passing through the grapevine just might be true this time.

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The popular gaming site Eurogamer has also confirmed this. It states that the game is supposedly called ‘Gotham Knights’. While the rumored title must be taken with a pinch of salt, the fact that there is a new Batman game in the works is undeniable.

Warner Brothers Montreal was the developer studios that came up with the cult-classic Batman: Arkham Origins. They will have a panel presence during the DC FanDome event where they intend to make a special announcement. The panel for WB Montreal is slated to go live on 1:30 PM during the same day. It will take place during the Hall of Heroes section of the event on Saturday. After the announcement, there will be a Q&A session right after the announcement. The fans are expecting that the session will be regarding the addressing of queries for the new Batman Game.

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The Arkham games have been a huge hit with gamers all over the world. The Batman: Arkham saga began with Batman: Arkham Asylum in the year of 2009. It was later followed in 2011 by Batman: Arkham City. Batman: Arkham Origins, developed by Warner Brothers Montreal was released in 2013. Batman: Arkham Knight came in 2015. The primary trilogy of the Batman: Arkham series is – Asylum, City, and Knight. Batman: Arkham Origins was set as a prequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum’s events. Considering the Studio and the scenario, the rumored Batman: Gotham Knights will be also be a spin-off game with events completely unrelated to the mainstream Arkham Continuity.

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