DC Fans React To Joaquin Phoenix’s New Look For The Joker

With set photos and videos of Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker already surfing online, DC fans are finally starting to see what Phoenix would look like as The Joker. The latest footage reveals how close his costume looks to the classic Batman 66 series.

Joker was reprised by Cesar Romero in that series and his portrayal featured a bright suit with hues of orange, purple and green. These colours have been chosen in earlier adaptations too but the hues of these colours in Joaquin’s suit look insanely similar, thrilling fans all over.

Until now, the film has received a positive reception though there are a few who aren’t on board with the hype yet. The Joker Origin film by Todd Philips will be a more grounded take on the iconic character. Warner Bros. described the film as an “original, standalone story like never before. Phillip’s vision of Arthur Fleck will not just be a character study but will also give a broader cautionary tale to the audiences.

Here are some reactions from fans to Phoenix’s newly revealed costume:

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