“Put On A Happy Face.” – Joker (Joaquin Phoenix).

Another report demonstrates that a continuation of the 2019 film Joker, which featured Joaquin Pheonix as the lead character, is yet being developed. Todd Phillips was the Director and producer of the movie, who even co-composed the screenplay with Scott Silver. Joker immediately turned into a hit when it debuted back in October 2019. The film is based on DC comic characters, featured Joaquin Phoenix in the lead spot, and gives an elective history to Batman’s most arch-nemesis. The movie earned over a billion dollars in the Box-office and even won various honors, including Joaquin winning an Academy Award for Best Actor. Given its prosperity, many have anticipated a sequel.

What’s more, even though Phillips has said that he’s talked about Joker 2 with Warner Bros. and that it stayed a chance, nothing official has been uncovered until now. However, presently, there has been a sign that a subsequent remaining part in progress. Another report from THR demonstrates that Joker 2 is yet being developed. While the news, for the most part, talks about WB’s process for the Black Superman film, there is a mention of “Joker and its arranged continuation.” The phrasing proposes that the studio is as yet depending on the spin-off of the extraordinarily influential 2019 film. Even though it was proposed as an independent film with no subsequent portions, Joker eminently invites a continuation. The first movie closes with Arthur at Arkham State Hospital, apparently getting away from a treatment meeting and leaving bleeding footprints afterward. Significantly more strikingly, Joker tries to include a scene between Arthur and a young Bruce Wayne.

Later in the movie, as chaos takes control over the city, crowds are blessed to receive another emphasis of Batman’s beginnings as his parents are shot and murdered in an alley by a thug. There’s additionally Arthur’s fixation with Sophie (Zazie Beetz), a string that could be developed in a potential Joker 2. For however much it told an independent account, the transformation left barely enough for future installments. Still, for those who really enjoyed Phillips’ dark history, there are worries that a spin-off would definitely dismiss what made Joker unique. It was the uncommon large studio comic book to not worry about a lot of world-working, instead zeroing in on Arthur’s mentality and his associations with explicit characters. A continuation could renounce that for a more significant and more stupendous adventure that would eventually be less successful.

It’s for the best that nothing official is declared until Phillips, Phoenix, and their teammates can settle on a continuation that works. For tremendous and sick, the leading film had a binding effect and left everybody talking. It’s no doubt a similar degree of accomplishment is wanted for Joker 2.

Source: THR

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