DC Just Revealed A Brand New Flash, And He’s Already Faster Than Barry Allen!

The new Flash comics are in the stands, and brand new story lines are coming to the fore for Flash fans. In the latest issue, this is what we learn. The time judge Zolomon appears, commanding an army of Renegades that travel back into time to the present 21st century and detain Iris West for killing the villain Eobard Thawne. The Renegades seem to resemble the Rogues are an army of Anti-Reverse Flash speedsters commanded by the mighty Commander Cold. After Zolomon’s orders, Wally West travels to the future where is told what really happened to his children. Zolomon tells him that they are trapped in the Speed Force, along with other young speedsters.

Zolomon tells Wally that the only way to bring back his kids was to break the Speed Force. However, as it so happens that Wally’s uncle Barry Allen had once tried this purported solution already when he was trying to save his own mother from the Speed Force. Allen was not able to bring back his mother, but he did create the Flashpoint timeline that let the evil Doctor Manhattan change the timelines of the DC universe and remove some key moments from ever happening, which included Wally West and his kids. Barry, as Wally’s uncle, is proud of the Flash he has become and wants Wally to get his kids back but at the same time he is expecting West to be a better Flash than he ever was. This is what precipitated the race between Barry and Wally in The Flash#49 where the two great Flash go round and round the Earth, Barry trying to stop Wally from repeating the mistakes that he made that destroyed the fabric of space time that held
the universe together.

However, Allen is not after all able to succeed in catching up to the incredibly fast Wally and ironically, in trying to stop Wally, he makes the shattering of the Speed Force come on even faster. So it turns out that this was what the conniving Zolomon wanted all along. Flash forward to now, and Zolomon is able to access the Speed Force that allows him he beats the entire Justice League. With the original Flash ring in his finger, Zolomon proclaims that Barry or Wally never went through the sort of personal tragedies that he did to be worthy of being The Flash, and with this he claims that he is the new and better The Flash. Zolomon’s declaration that he is the new Flash makes him the third Flash to come to the fore in the Flash Wars. It reminds readers of the Mark Waid and Greg LaRocque plot

“The Return of Barry Allen”, often considered a classic by Flash fans, when the dead Flash from The Crisis on Infinite Earths comes back to his Flash family. However, things take a turn for the
worse when he finds out that he is actually Eobard Thawne travelling back in time and his mission is just to replace his arch enemy. This is common with Reverse Flashes, as they think that they can be better than the superheroes they are taking the place of. This desire and belief obviously stems from envy for the incredible achievements of the heroes that they are determined to replace and whom they know they very well can not. With three Flashes on our hands, this is very well a Flash War and fans are very excited.

In Flash#50, the coming next blurb of The Flash#49 promised, we will see Flash v Flash v Flash, making a reference to the three way battle between Wally, Zolomon and Barry that we will likely see happen soon. In the solicitations after Flash#50, Wally is not featured prominently so it is quite likely that the speedster superhero did not in fact succeed in rescuing his children from the Speed Force. It is actually likely that they were never there and Zolomon was only bluffing to get his way. Zoom has held on to his claims that he knows where they are but we do not know for sure yet. One thing is for sure, wherever Barry Allen goes, Flash world is going to change after issue#50.


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