DC Loses Its Batman, Superman As Henry Cavill And Ben Affleck Quit DCEU: Report

In a really shocking development, Henry Cavill reportedly will no longer be a part of DC cinematic universe as The Man of Steel. Cavill first appeared as Superman in 20123’s Man of Steel, and then later reprised the role in Batman V Superman and most recently in last year’s Justice League, is reportedly hanging the cape and parting ways with Warner Brothers according to Hollywood Reported.

According to an inside report, the development came after the talks of Henry’s cameo in Shazam! didn’t come to fruition due to some scheduling conflicts he was facing. “There’s a recognition that some parts of the previous movies didn’t work,” says the studio insider. There is one other source that states that Warner Brothers is trying to hit a “reset” button after the critical failure of Justice League.

Talks are already on to find a new face for the iconic superhero “Superman is like James Bond, and after a certain run you have to look at new actors,” says a studio source.

The same source also added that the decision to leave the DCEU solidified after Cavill was recently signed on to star in the Netflix’s upcoming Witcher. Another inside source, however, states that the Cavill’s commitment to the Witcher series came after the impasse with Warner Brothers, which suggests a change in Studio’s strategy. Warner Brother is also, reportedly, shifting it’s focus on a Supergirl movie, which is going to be an origin story, which will effectively remove an actor if Cavill’s age from the story Superman, would be an infant, according to the DC lore.

The source also adds that the studio is not likely to produce any solo movie featuring Superman at least for several years. Ben Affleck is also, once again reportedly leaving the DCEU, as he will be replaced by a younger actor because WB is planning on adapting the Frank Miller’s ‘Year One’ story for the next solo Batman movie which is being directed by Matt Reeves.

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