DC & Marvel Effects Studio Shifts To Make Masks During COVID-19 Shutdown

Face Mask

The coronavirus has hit the entire world in a hard way. Both economically and in terms of loss of life. Organizations are coming forward and offering help in whatever way possible they can. Because the virus spreads through human contact, wearing a mask is necessary.

Ironhead Studio is working to make cloth masks that would be of great help to those in need.  Ironhead Studio is popularly known for supplying costumes to Marvel and DC.

Not only is the Studio is diligently putting in the efforts to contribute to the making of masks, but also making use of handmade cloth for the protective masks.

A Compulsion to Wear!

A girl wearing the mask

Though the Studio is shut for other purposes, however,  it is doing its bit to help battle against the virus. A piece of pure cotton fabric is used for the mask, and it is thick layered. The mask is created to provide comfort as well as protection at the same time. Ironhead has appointed a small team of workers for carrying out the said tasks.

Ironhead Studio Starts with the Mask Production!

The ordinary and N95 Masks

The leftover pieces from the costumes are used for the making of the masks. The masks will be sold at a cost to hospitals and others in need. The company plans to earn a small amount through these masks. The amount that gets accrued will go to the production house.

A Step to Help People in Need!

A popular mask at the Ironhead studio

These masks are currently available on the Ironhead’s website, and the cost of the same is $30. Infact, WHO has issued strict guidelines to wear a mask, and failure to do so would lead to consequences. The mask is a safety measure that needs to be followed by the citizens of the country for effectively keeping the virus from spreading further.

Here’s a short clip of why the mask is important to wear:

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