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“DC Nation #0” receives One Million orders!


DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan DiDio says retailer orders of the publisher’s upcoming DC Nation #0 anthology one-shot have reached the one million mark, which DiDio says is the highest selling single issue in his time with DC.

this announcement was made on DC’s Retailer Only panel at Chicago’s C2E2 convention.

“If we can get one million of these into the hands of fans, that could change everything,” DiDio said.

DiDio also revealed that Action Comics #1000, despite a hefty price tag, received over 500,000 orders.

While Action Comics #1000 is an anniversary issue that celebrates the history of the company, the character of Superman, and the comic itself, DC Nation introduces us to new characters, new stories, new mysteries and new stories yet to come

The 25-cent issue DC NATION will feature all-new material from some of DC’s most popular creators. Tom King and Clay Mann will reveal the reaction of the Joker to the upcoming wedding between Batman and Catwoman, which happens in Batman No. 50 in July;
Action Comic
Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Joshua Williamson and Jorge Jimenez offer a teaser of what to expect in the weekly Justice League: No Justice series, which runs through May

Brian Michael Bendis and iconic DC artist José Luis García-López team for a glimpse at the future of Superman to be fully explored in Bendis’ Man of Steel miniseries, which runs weekly through June.

For comparison, the highest-ordered comic book of 2017, Marvel Entertainment’s Marvel Legacy No. 1, had orders of just over 300,000.

Almost as impressive as the DC Nation order figure was DiDio’s follow-up announcement: Action Comics No. 1000, a $7.99 anthology celebrating both 1,000 issues of the series and Superman’s 80th birthday, has orders of 500,000.

DC Nation No. 0 will be released May 2. Action Comics No. 1000 will be released April 18.

DC Nation #0