DC Superhero Redesigns That Screwed Them Up

The DC universe is close to colossal reboots and widespread changes. It has brought about various overhauled outfits throughout the long term. Whether it was to change a person to all the more likely fit with the period or to change the outfit to consent to line-wide updates and modernization. Regardless, DC fans are very used to seeing their cherished person uncover another ensemble.

There are various explanations for most outfit upgrades. There have been a couple of DC characters who have gotten new ensembles that don’t continuously seem OK. Once in a while the outfit doesn’t fit the person or is caught in a portion of the 80s or 90s plan traps that left fans shaking their heads over these costume upgrades.

Fate’s Short-Lived 90s Redesign Completely Altered The Character In A Few Odd Ways

DC: Doctor Fate
Doctor Fate

The strong spiritualist known as Doctor Fate was given a total update during the 90s after the Zero Hour occasion when a man named Jared Stevens was recruited to accumulate mystical curios like the Helmet of Nabu, the Cloak of Destiny, and the Amulet of Anubis.

Wonder Woman Had A Stripped Down 90s Biker Look That Didn’t Make Much Sense

DC: Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman

DC’s Amazonian champion Wonder Woman is another person whose ensemble has remained genuinely steady throughout the long term. However, she has changed her outfit a couple of times with various responses from fans. Diana dropped her typical superhuman ensemble during the 80s for a mod design outfit that had a couple of fans. However, she took somewhat to a greater extent an emotional takeoff from her standard examine the 90s.

Jean-Paul Valley’s Azrael-Inspired Redesign Of The Batsuit Was Armored But Impractical

DC: Armored Batman
Armored Batman

Bruce Wayne had to pick a replacement after Bane hurt him during the Knightfall storyline, and he gave the mantle of Batman to his new partner Jean-Paul Valley/Azrael. He was okay to utilize mental molding known as The System that took control when required. It started to impact his experience as Batman, and he updated the outfit.

Superman Had A Complete Electric Overhaul When His Powers Randomly Changed

DC: Superman

Superman’s iconic costume has encountered a couple of inconspicuous changes throughout the long term however has stayed pretty steady, yet even the Man of Steel has evaluated several unique suits. His dark and silver regenerative suit from “The Death and Return of Superman” storyline was a lovely outfit that just went on for a couple of issues. However, it was an interesting example of overcoming adversity for Superman.

Red Robin’s Transformation Into Drake Came With A Disappointing Costume That Didn’t Last

Red Robin
Red Robin

Tim Drake endured a couple of tricky overhauls in the shortened course of events of the New 52. However, one of the most terrible came in the “Resurrection” time after he rejoined with his companions in Young Justice. After an excursion to another reality where he met a despicable. However, a pure form of himself, he made another brave character that fans won’t ever get behind.

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