DC Universe shows aren’t required to limit with the Arrow-verse, despite their attachment in Crisis on Infinite Earths. That charge comes from Crisis showrunner Marc Guggenheim.
Guggenheim also mentioned the there have been some “creative assurances” that they wouldn’t get on the hook to point out up in any of The CW’s events.

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That sounds a touch thrilling, but the showrunner was completely up-front about it. According to Guggenheim, this is often an Arrow-verse event, it’s done on the Arrow-verse shows, and once they were contravening the story, they were always trying to seek out the proper balance between, what percentage non-Arrow verse characters should we bring into this.

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Coming into this crossover, he previously admitted that Crisis on Earth-X almost killed any future crossovers. The strain to supply stories for nearly 15 characters proved to be an important lift sometime past. It might also explain the drive to stay things a touch more concise this point around. After the success of the foremost recent Crisis, it might be hard to expect The CW and DC to shut the crossover party down now.

Crisis on  Earth-X

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Guggenheim began, “It made sense to only organically play with the toy you’ve got already got.
Guggenheim also added that It killed all of them. They were feeling the consequences of it literally a year after. “The network had to actually, really convince them to try to another crossover because after ‘Crisis on Earth-X,’ they were all pretty burned out. They were all like, ‘Can we take an opportunity then come for Crisis on Infinite Earths?’ and therefore the CW was like, ‘No, no, don’t worry. It doesn’t need to be all four shows. It can only be three hours.’’

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