4 DC Villains Captain America Would Defeat (And 4 Who Would Destroy Him)

There is no shortage of super villains in DC Comics. Many of them are able fighters that can take down an entire army. But you have any idea how well will they fare against Captain America – Marvel’s Super Soldier?

Would Lose Against – Deathstroke

Slade Wilson is a recurring villain in the comic books, movies, and shows. He was once the primary villain of the Teen Titans. As time passed, Deathstroke became the arch enemy of the Batman. Deathstroke’s proficiency in close quarter combat knows no bounds. At one point of time, Deathstroke took down the entire Bat Family by him-self. He was so good he even took down the might Batman and humiliated the Dark Knight in one on one combat. Slade Wilson uses his extensive military expertise coupled with a unique style of combat that is a hybrid of Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, Muay-Thai, and Kick-Boxing. Deathstroke also has had several physical enhancements to his body. In multiple issues, it is shown that Slade surgically placed artificial muscles within his body that never tire and never undergo fatigue. This makes him somewhat superhuman and way stronger than Captain America.

Would Win Against – Ra’s Al Ghul

The leader of the League of Assassins is more or less immune to death thanks to the resurrecting properties of the Lazarus Pit. Over the centuries as the Demon’s Head, Ra’s Al Ghul has not just amassed a tremendous fortune but also honed his skills as a fighter, learning every martial art known to mankind. Ra’s Al Ghul once considered Batman to be his heir. He could see a similar spirit within Captain America. Steve Rogers could take down Ra’s Al Ghul simply because of the fact that the Demon’s Head would underestimate Captain America and not give his hundred per cent in a fight. By the time Ra’s realizes his mistake, Cap’s Shield will be on his throat.

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Would Lose Against – Ozymandias

Ozymandias’ level of strength and speed is hard to be measured given the fact that he has almost never leaped into battle while we are looking. The Watchmen universe is so far away from the regular DC Universe. But we know some feats of Ozymandias that put him on the level of nigh superhuman. Ozymandias describes himself as the next level of human evolution. He has peak human physical conditioning to the point that he has never lost a single battle. The only exception to that rule is the Comedian, who is the only person that ever managed to defeat Adrian Veidt. Another feat of Ozymandias is his super-fast reflexes. Ozymandias has caught a bullet with his bare hands. He has transcended human potential.

Would Win Against – KGBeast

The KGBeast is a Soviet Era Assassin and a world-renowned mercenary. During the peak of his days, he once gave even the Batman a run for his money. A master of psychological warfare trained in almost all forms of martial arts, the KGBeast is a force of nature. He was shown to be so strong that Batman decided to trap him in the sewers and make him starve to death rather than have a one on one fight with him. The KGBeast also has several cybernetic enhancements embedded into his body that augment his strength, dexterity, and vision. But Captain America would still win because whatever the KGBeast does best, Cap could do a lot better. In terms of military experience, Steve Rogers knows his way around the battlefield. And he has fought cybernetic enhanced foes and defeated them in Marvel Comics.

Would Lose Against – Hush

Thomas Elliott is Batman’s childhood friend. Like Bruce, Thomas was also born to a wealthy family. But he despised his parents and plotted to kill him. Thomas Wayne thwarted his plans and Elliot has ever since had a terrible resentment and hatred for Bruce Wayne. Like Batman, Thomas Elliot aka Hush does not have any super powers. He relies on his sheer athleticism and skills to get the job done. Hush is extremely meticulous and only performs calculated moves. One edge over Captain America that Hush has is Elliot’s knowledge of the human anatomy and his surgical prowess. Hush is known to conduct self-surgery – a practically impossible human feat. He is also an extremely adept close combat fighter. When you couple all those things together, you have an enemy that can keep bouncing back from any injury for yet another round with Captain America until the Super Soldier yields.

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Would Win Against – Bane

Bane is the man who broke Batman in Batman: Knightfall. He has ever since plagued Batman as a fighter well capable of holding his own against the Caped Crusader. Bane is a global terrorist who uses a bio-chemical enhancement called the Bane Venom to augment his physical attributes. Even when not using the Venom, Bane is still regarded as a dangerous enemy, using his brilliant tactical mind to come up with strategies not even Batman could find a counter to. But here’s the thing, for all of Bane’s accomplishments, he had actually fought Captain America and lost. All it took was for Captain America to throw his shield at Bane’s head. He has done it once and he could do it again.

Would Lose Against – Prometheus

Do not confuse him for the Arrow villain of the same name. While that version was also bad-ass (to some extent), the one from the comic books clearly takes the cake. Prometheus, in the comic books, has basically the same origin story as the Batman but with a few alterations. Prometheus had criminal parents. On his way to meet the Justice League, his parents were gunned down by cops. Prometheus vowed that he will eradicate all forces of justice as his act of revenge. Prometheus trains himself for the next couple of years under the world’s greatest martial artists. After a few years, Prometheus develops a technology that allowed him to directly download the combat expertise of prominent close combat fighters of the DC Universe like Batman, Deathstroke, and Lady Shiva into his brain. With the knowledge of the world’s greatest fighters stored within his head, it would be a miracle if Captain America could even lay a scratch on this guy.

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Would Win Against – Constantine Drakon

Constantine Drakon is one of Connor Hawke’s greatest and most fearsome foes. One of his first acts as a super villain was to utterly destroy the entire Green Arrow family. And he did it single-handedly. Drakon is fast enough to dodge as well as catch the arrows of both Speedy and Connor Hawke at the same time. His live action debut in Arrow was under-whelming though. Drakon has claimed that he has killed more people than cancer ever since he started murdering from the tender age of 10. Drakon may prove to be a worthy fighter but he is still green compared to Captain America. Rogers would easily dispatch Drakon. The fight will not even last long.



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