DC Villains Memes That Put A Smile On Our Face

DC is known for it cool superheroes, evil villains and dark stories. Due to this DC has its unique fan base. Fans who do not mind the dark stuff and gore. This is what makes DC a very different brand from its competitors. DC do not try to hide the gore and darkness of the superhero world and that’s why it is our favorite. But this doesn’t mean that DC cannot serve us funny. There are a lot moments in DC that are just to hilarious and fans never miss any chance to make them even more funny.

Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman, any DC character can be turned into a meme, fans just have to find that crazy moment that can be turned into a meme. If your character or a scene becomes a meme, consider your project a hit amongst the young audience. Memes can be a good advertisement as they are the most shared images online these days.

Some companies use memes regularly to keep their content relevant. It is a smart strategy and works well as it provides funny memes to the audience and the companies get the exposure and the free promotion. And when it comes to memes, DC has a lot of characters that are pretty memeable like the Joker, Harley Quinn and the list goes on.

And what is funnier than some goofy, crazy memes of evil elite villains. One cannot imagine these dark characters saying the things or being relatable to a normal humans. But these memes are what makes it possible to imagine your favorite evil villain as just a normal funny meme with some relatable text.

Here are some memes that fans have created which are too hilarious!!

1. Joker Do Not Have Any Plans!!

2. Goals For Sure!!

3. Do Not Enjoy It Too Much!!

4. Same To Same!!

5. Oops!!

6. Friends Having A Break!!

7. Uh Nevermind!!

8. True!!

9. Who’s Laughing Now!!

10. Not Bad Kid!!

Characters from DC are always going to be one of the most memed characters in the history. Their dark stories and intense personalities is what makes the memes more hilarious. Fans love to make memes out of complex situations in the movies and this makes them extra funny. Tell us in the comments what you think about these memes and which one is your favorite.

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