DC Villains Zodiac Signs – Find Who’s Your Mate!

Most famous DC villains such as Catwoman or Lex Luthor are recognized widely but, have you ever wondered among those which ones you are most alike too?

Accepted, comparison to a villain isn’t that thrilling compared to superheroes like Superman. But due to such a massive number of great villains, what’s the harm in having a look?

Here we present you the zodiac signs of DC villains. Let’s find your identical zodiac DC villain !!

Aries: Master Villain AKA Lex Luthor

proud and boastful Lex Luthor

As an Aries, you are pleasant and boastful, the same as your zodiac animal of the ram. You are known for being ambitious.

You are also known for your obsession with making your goals as your reality, no matter how difficult the circumstances may be.

As a fire sign, Aries must do their 100 percent not to be burned by their ego. However, you can get carried away while being first.

Taurus: The venomous villain AKA Poison Ivy

Aspiring yet spoilt Poison ivy

The Taurus is an earth sign with their zodiac animal represented by the bull.

You are aspiring and yearn to get pampering. You match with Poison Ivy, the attractive yet venomous supervillain who mostly goes head to head with Batman.

She is also obsessed with plants, and sometimes gangs up with Harley Quinn and Catwoman.

Gemini: Devious villain AKA Two-Face

Two-faced monstrous villain

Two celestial twins represent this sign, where initially they were as one, then the cloned themselves because of how much of a busy-body they were.

You are Two-Face, the devious mastermind is mostly in the way of Batman and is preoccupied with the battles between good and evil.

Cancer: Sinestro

Complexly mechanized Sinestro

Cancer is such a misunderstood name for a complex zodiac sign. You are a water sign which is represented by the crab.

Similar to the which, you safeguard yourself with a tough shell and do not allow people in easily.

You are Sinestro, a former Green Lantern Corps member who is thrown out for misusing his powers.

Leo: Attention seeking villain AKA Harley Quinn

Ferocious love to Joker.

You are the ferocious king of the jungle, Leo.

You are a very ambitious and theatrical person who is obsessed with creating a scene, whether that acquires proper attention or bad. You do not care as long as you are the star of the show.

However, you can also be the possessor of a heart crippling with jealousy as you are your doom.

You are Harley Quinn, the iconic supervillain who is both associate and lover to the Joker.

Virgo: Perfecto villain AkA Darkseid

Ambitious Darkseid

You are a Virgo, an earth sign which is symbolized by the goddess of wheat.

You are said to be someone who has an obsession with perfection.

You are Darkseid, the former prince of planet Apokolips, whose prime goal is to become an overlord of the universe and is a frequent enemy to Superman.

Libra: Talia Al Ghul

The Harmonious Villain with Libra Zodiac Sign

The only zodiac sign symbolized by the inanimate object of the scales.

You have a fetish on harmony and also love everything to be a perfect balance, whether that be your lifestyle or work life.

You are Talia al Ghul, the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul, who is torn between her loyalty to her father and her love for Batman.

Scorpio: Catwoman

Scorpio is one of the most misunderstood zodiac signs.

Although you are a passionate water sign, you are frequently mistaken for a fire sign. You are very delicate but have a poisonous sting if anyone tries to get to close to you.

You are Catwoman, an iconic antiheroine who is present as the love interest for Batman.

Sagittarius: Brainiac

The wisdom overflows in Sagittarius.

Sagittarius, how much wisdom must you achieve until you are satisfied?

Although gaining knowledge is a good thing, you must always be alert not to get in over your head.

You are Brainiac, Superman’s second-deadliest supervillain after the businessman Lex Luthor.

Capricorn: Killer Frost

As much as you yearn to thrive for your ambitions, Capricorn, you must know when to take a break.

Since not taking a break might exhaust yourself one day. You have experienced many hardships.

You also have a trickster side to you to make yourself seem young. You are Killer Frost, a common name used by multiple supervillains in the DC universe.

Aquarius: Riddler

The rebellious RiddlerRiddler

You are an insurgent and a trickster that yearns for everything fun and despises everything with authority.

However, you have a problem expressing your emotions, so you might appear cold-hearted.

You are also stubborn and do not give up easily. You are Riddler, a criminal mastermind who loves puzzles and forming riddles.

Pisces: Black Adam

Torn between fantasy and reality.

You are represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions.

You are said to have your attention divided between imaginations and the real world. You are Black Adam, an ancient supervillain who is mostly se fighting against the superhero Shazam.

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