DC Weapons Other Than Kryptonite That Can Kill Superman

Superman may be the mightiest superhero in existence. But there are many DC weapons apart from kryptonite that can kill him. These DC weapons are sought after by many Superman villains.

The Claw Of Horus


The Claw of Horus is a magical artefact hailing from the times of ancient Egypt. It is crafted from the mysterious Nth Metal. This is the same substance the Thanagarians are known to forge weapons out of. To put matters into perspective, DC weapons like Hawkman and Hawkgirl’s mystical maces are forged out of the same Nth Metal. Because of the very origin story of the Claw of Horus, it is easy to assume why it could kill Superman, It was created by Nabu, a Lord of Order. Hawkman once used it to actually defeat Superman in the comic books. The weapon can also send people across time.

The Miracle Machine

Miracle Machine

The purpose of the machine is its very namesake. Created thousands of years in the far future, the Miracle Machine turns thoughts into reality. Any wish you want, the Miracle Machine can grant it. The downside is that the human mind being a fickle thing, we wish for a thousand different things at the same second. Some of them we would never actually wish for in real life. That is the reason why the Legion of Superheroes locked this weapon up. All you have to do is switch it on and wish Superman was dead and your wish would be granted.

Green Lantern Power Ring

Green Lantern

Powered by the green light of willpower, the Green Lantern Power Ring is the greatest of DC weapons in the history of the DC Universe. The only limitation the ring has is the user’s willpower. In capable hands of beings who are known to be very strong-willed like Hal Jordan or Jon Stewart, the Green Lantern power Ring becomes a cosmic force of nature. In the Injustice story arc, the Guardians of Oa almost managed to subdue Superman with the energy from the Green Lantern Power Battery. It was only because Superman had a Yellow Power Ring with him that he escaped total annihilation.

The Blue Beetle Scarab

Blue Beetle

At first glance, the Blue Beetle Scarab would look like pretty simplistic when it comes to DC Weapons. But remember, the alien civilization – The Reach, created the Scarab to counter the Green Lanterns. The scarab can produce any kind of technology and weaponry. It analyzes an enemy and deduces its weaknesses. based on the analysis, the Blue Beetle suit produces a weapon that can take down the opponent in a single strike if need be. The scarab can produce anything from its very own version of kryptonite to a red sun radiation charged laser cannon to kill Superman.

Kalibak’s Beta Club

Beta Club

Kalibak, Darkseid’s firstborn, knew that Superman would be a huge hurdle to overcome. So he put the scientists of Apokolips to work and created all sorts of DC weapons. The most effective of the DC Weapons cache in Apokolips under Kalibak’s possession was the beta Club. The weapon, when striking an enemy, does two things. First, it creates powerful concussive blasts that even Superman has trouble withstanding. The second and more powerful effect is that the Beta Club activates all nerve receptors in the enemy’s body. Superman would die from an immeasurable amount of pain.

Justice Buster

Batman: Endgame

In Batman: Endgame, we got to see Batman’s ultimate Justice League contingency plan – the Justice Buster suit. The exo-suit of armor has enough weaponry to take down the entire Justice League, should they ever go rogue. As far as DC weapons are concerned, the Justice Buster is designed to kill Superman or at least beat him to within an inch of his life.

God-Killer Blade


DC Weapons that are powered by magic are one of Superman’s well-known weaknesses. Created by Hephaestus, the God-Killer blade was designed to kill immortal beings. The sword is powered by pure magic and has a mind of its own. It can also absorb all forms of energy based attacks and redirect it at the enemy with twice the amount of force.

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