DCeased #5 Reveals a Brutal Demise of a Major DC Hero

DCeased is a mini-series created by the DC Universe, where Cyborg’s body is used as a carrier for a technological virus version. This virus belongs to the Anti-Life Equation that turns the population into zombie-like creatures. DCeased created by Tom Taylor, Trevor Hairsine, and James Harren has become a popular series amongst the fans. In the DCeased series, the world is, as we know, collapsing. A zombie-like virus from Apokolips was unleashed on Earth. This, in turn, made anyone looking at a screen connected to the internet turn into a mindless monster. The one thing DCeased has showcased so far is that even heroes cannot escape death. As a result, very few heroes from the DC Universe have joined the ranks of the survivors namely Batman, Nightwing, Catwoman, Big Barda, Mister Terrific, and even Green Lantern.

The Flash Gets Infected

The Flash Gets Infected
Flash spreads the virus at inhuman speed.

In DCeased #5, the heroes keep up the good fight through a setup for save havens for survivors, and a new communications hub. And everything seems to be going well, just like in the movie Troy. But then the Trojan Horse arrives in the form of an infected Martian Manhunter who breaches the Fortress of Solitude. Not only Lex Luthor succumbs to this fatal situation, but Barry Allen gets infected with the virus. Then Barry Allen, aka the Flash, crisscrosses the globe at high speed. In doing so, he spreads the virus along to as many people as he can. As there is no other way out of this sticky situation, Superman kills the Flash to stop him from spreading the virus.

DCeased #5: Superman Has Fallen


DCeased #5: Superman Has Fallen
Superman gets infected with the virus.

But while Superman tries to stop Flash, the Man of Steel becomes infected in the process. Clark Kent, aka Superman, then bids a tearful farewell to his family, then flies into the atmosphere. Superman plans to starve himself of oxygen before he can be transformed into a zombie-like creature. However, the virus overcomes him before he can execute his plan, and in Earth’s atmosphere, an infected Superman dies. He then transforms into a heat vision-blasting nightmare.

Hope Lost

Superman Has Fallen
Superman turns into an anti-life equation zombie after he flew straight into the Flash and killing him.

The readers are left with this chapter’s title to define what this moment means: “Hope Lost.” A monstrous Superman is about to unleash himself with the full might of his powers on Earth. The Flash infected so many people in such a short span. But Superman is likely to have a more significant impact. This is probably a worse situation as no one will be able to catch up to him.

DCeased #4’s cliffhanger made the fans wonder where the story was headed. Whereas DCeased #5 has left many fans wondering what will happen next. DCeased has a total of 6 books in the series. DC Comics will be releasing DCeased #6 on 30 October 2019, which will be the last book in the series.

Source: DC Hero’s Death, Superman Infected 

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