DCEU : 5 Shocking Unpopular Fan Opinions About Wonder Woman

The 2017 release of Wonder Woman set a lot of precedents for a woman superhero movie.
Additionally the release of this solo movie, wasn’t only the first female superhero movie in a major franchise but it was the first and so far the only movie in the DC Extended Universe that is actually acclaimed universally.
But on the other hand, Wonder Woman 1984 was not really enjoyed by the viewers and the fans equally.
Considering the fact how much the first movie was enjoyed while the second was hated, there are a lot of debates that came across the fans.

Here are some of the arguments put up by the fans:

1. Wonder Woman Is Larger Than MCU Phase One Movie

According to the fans, Wonder Woman is a larger scale version of any MCU phase 1 movie, but only with better CGI and cinematography.
Just like Captain America : The First Avenger, Wonder Woman is a period drama set during a war. Apart from this, even the characters’ story arcs and the narratives are similar. However, there are MCU fans who would beg to differ.

2. Wonder Woman 1984 Is A Classic Comic Book Movie

The Wonder Woman 1984 movie was quite true and faithful to the comics and not only this but it’s a perfect comic book movie.
The fans argue that  movie was simple but it was also very stupid and that is why no one enjoyed it.

3. Wonder Woman Was Attempting To Be Empowering

Though Wonder Woman is not exactly loved by critic but it is probably the closest DC has come to gaining universal critical praise and it deserved it
Even though it was a movie with a generic plot and an extremely predictable villain but it was because they were attempting to empower women.
But if there is someone who truly deserves this credit is the clear vision from the filmmaker Patty Jenkins for being able to put it so fantastically.

4.  Gal Gadot Is Not Correct For Wonder Woman

The announcement of casting  Gal Gadot as the Wonder Woman gained a lot of criticism about the same because apparently the model didn’t exactly look like an Amazonian warrior.
After the release of the first film, many fans had a change in their opinions as her performance as Diana was really a mind blowing one.
But still some of them aren’t entirely convinced.
Some fans argue the she doesn’t have a right frame for the part.
It is a bit unpopular opinion considering many fans think that Gal Gadot has nailed every aspect related to the character.

5. Captain Marvel Is A Better Movie Comparatively

According to MCU fans, despite the fact that Wonder Woman is considered as the best movie in the DCEU so far, Captain Marvel is much better movie.
The fans claim that Captain Marvel is much more fast paced and  more visually appealing compared to DCEU’s Wonder Woman.
But despite of these claims, Wonder Woman has an incredible rating of 93% on Rotten Tomatoes while Captain Marvel has a rating of 79% only.


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