DCEU: 7 Underrated DC Characters Who Deserve To Be On The Big Screen

There is a reason DC is better than Marvel. A plenty of DC characters are household names. Everyone knows them as superheroes. They might have got no idea about what is Marvel or what is DC, but they do know that there is Superman and Batman who are superheroes which protect the world.
They know that Batman looks like a bat and Superman wears his famous red trunk.
The same thing is of the DC villains too, Joker being the most popular of them all.
But still there are many DC heroes who are still in the hiding, and the movie creators must bring them out.

Examples of such heroes are Booster Gold, Hawkgirl etc. And for the villains, Crime Syndicate and Mongul. So Animated Times decided to filter out the best DC Characters who should make a big screen appearance in the future.


Lobo is DC’s Mercenary with a Mouth and is much more powerful than Deadpool. He was dark, he was dank and his vulgarity, violence was way above Deadpool. Lobo has an appealing backstory with a cool sense of fashion which makes him an easy pick for the movies in the future.


Hush aka Thomas Elliot is a physician. He is obsessed with the downfall of Bruce Wayne. He wants to be just like Bruce Wayne and in attempt of doing so, he removes the flesh of his victim to form himself a flesh mask of Bruce Wayne.
Therefore, the threat he possesses is never for the masses, it is just personal to Batman. Unless, he widens his horizons, Hush is gonna be stuck to the comics.


Booster Gold is the kind of hero we need on the big screen. He could easily take place of Green Lantern on the big screen. His charisma, his attitude, his futuristic ideas and the coolest sidekick, Booster Gold will definitely bring a new flavor to the DCEU canon.


With Marvel Cinematic Universe bringing their Doctor Strange on the big screen, its time for the DCEU to launch their counterpart.
Doctor Fate is one of the most respected characters of the DC comics. The character’s abilities and how the creators place him in bigger narratives with key role, won Fate a heart in the audience.
But then again, Doctor Fate plays the supporting character in majority of the comics. This has prevented him from becoming a household name.
This is kind of true for DC magic heroes. But with Constantine now making a mark on the small screen, maybe the doors are soon to be opened for Doctor Fate.


Star Fire is one of the most loved characters of the DC comics. She is teenagers fantasy and all credits goes to the famous Teen Totams series. She is the strongest Titan of them all.
With the Titan series now soon to be streaming in the DC Universe, it is a major opportunity for her to take the limelight.


Young allies and sidekicks are one of the most popular occurrence in the DC. They never get the same limelight as the main lead, but they are often the most loved. Be it be Robin or the Super Girl.
But here we are talking about the younger counter part of Wonder Woman, The Wonder Girl. She has been known only for side roles in various comics.
She is regarded as one of the hottest comic characters ever. With Wonder Woman shattering all the records on the big screen, we might get to see a glimpse of Wonder Girl in the near future.


The most dangerous villains of the DC Universe, the Crime Syndicate is the evil counterpart of the Justice League from Earth-3 reality. They have been around since 1964, but thanks to Geoff Johns and David Finch’s Forever Evil who gave them their newly found fame.

Crime Syndicate members have a drastic backstories which backup for their malicious deeds. Yet, the Syndicate is not as popular as the Legion of Doom or even Luthor’s Injustice League. However, with DCEU now going on the path of dark stories, we could expect a Crime Syndicate soon to show up.


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