DCEU Characters Peacemaker Could Easily Take Down

Like him or not, Peacemaker is one hell of a strong hero who can go to any extent to attain ‘peace’. When we say any extent we mean, killing anybody anywhere. The character is being played by John Cena, and we must say he is the perfect choice for the role! He’s got the build that Peacemaker should have. He is full of advanced weapons. Not just this, he is well trained to fight people coming his way. We believe, Peacemaker can easily take down a few DCEU characters without a hustle. However, that doesn’t mean the fight won’t be interesting! So, here’s a list of DCEU characters Peacemaker could easily takedown. Check it out!

1. The Joker

DCEU Character: The Joker
DCEU Character: The Joker

Not many of you will agree with this point. That’s because nobody messes up with Joker. Everybody knows what a psychopath he is who will do anything to be ahead of everyone. But let’s not forget who Peacemaker is! The latter will simply shoot Joker in the head and move on without even thinking for a second.

2. Harley Quinn

DCEU Character: Harley Quinn
DCEU Character: Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn doesn’t even have any fancy gadgets or superpowers. But, yes she does have a quirky fighting style and the power to freak out her opponent. Moreover, she is fast, durable, and clever while fighting. All this makes her a valuable member of the team. Now imagine Harkey Quinn fighting Peacemaker. It’s going to be hilarious! However, out of the two, we feel Peacemaker is likely to win the fight because of his exceeding strength and of course, gadgets. But, only if he keeps his mind sane while fighting because his sense of judgment isn’t that great.

3. Bloodsport

DCEU Character: Bloodsport
DCEU Character: Bloodsport

Both Bloodsport and Peacemaker were raised by abusive soldier fathers who taught them that anything in their hands is a deadly weapon. Yes, Bloodsport did defeat Christopher Smith in one of the fights, but if we have a rematch, Peacemaker is likely to win because of his advanced gadgets.

4. Deadshot

Deadshot vs Peacemaker
DCEU Character: Deadshot

Deadshot is known to be the best gunfighter in DCEU. It is safe to say that his skills are unmatched by anybody. Yes, not even by Peacemaker. However, given Christopher Smith’s physical strength, he can use this to his advantage and knock Deadshot down by taking control over his weapons. So, to win, Peacemaker will have to win over physically.

5. Black Canary

Black Canary vs Peacemaker
DCEU Character: Black Canary

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Tossing up big guys isn’t a task for Black Canary. Moreover, she is blessed with her iconic Canary Cry that can lift dozens of men and knock them out. But let’s not forget Peacemaker has the sonic boom helmet that can knock off anybody. Sorry Black Canary, but you don’t hold a chance against the world’s biggest d*uchebag.

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