DCEU Crisis: 10 Ways That DC & Warner Bros. Can Save The DCEU

After the launch of the Man of Steel, Warner Brothers began a series of movies that would be considered a part of the DC Extended Universe. The production house has really brought out movies at a quick pace – it was the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice that was released sometime after Man of Steel. The movie put Batman and Superman, the two mega superheroes of DC universe, against each other. It
seemed a little early for that kind of confrontation and the movie had a mixed reception. Suicide Squad got a lukewarm reception also, and it was only Wonder Woman that got the response one would expect off of a movie that stars our most favorite and well known superheroes. In this respect, the recent flop of Justice League while the MCU Avengers flourish and break records has been cited as a failure for Team DC. Warner Bros has announced a sling of solo movies(Joker is a prominent one) that will not be in the DCEU. That does not mean there are no more DCEU movies – Aquaman, Wonder Woman 2, Shazam! And Green Lantern Corps will hit the theatres at some point. However, it appears Warner Bros is giving up on the DC universe. Here are the best ways to fix the problem without making the movies go away:

1. Introduce smaller characters:

Comic book fans like seeing their favorite small hereos make it to the big screen. It will also bring much needed depth to the characters to show superheroes have meaningful relationships other than their girlfriends who they can not be with. Robin and Superboy can run errands for Justice League.

2. Introduce the Green Lantern Corps:

Or should we say reintroduce. The first Green Lantern movie was a disaster but that was a long time ago and hopefully a Green Lantern movie can be done as part of the DCEU. Warner Bros has announced that
one would be coming out in 2020 but so far there has been no news on that front.

3. It is not the end of the world everytime:

All the DCEU movies have had apocalyptic plots and fans are somewhat bored of seeing our superheroes save the world in every movie. Maybe the writers at Warner Bros need to take it one step at a time and focus on some character development before going to the crescendo.

4. New Characters?:

This is something that might give a fresh look to DCEU. Superman’s role played by Cavill is never going to live up to Christopher Reeve so why not introduce new characters like Black Canary, Hawkgirl, Starfire or Booster Gold. Fans would not have a gold standard to compare them to past version.

5. Deeper stories:

One problem with the DCEU movies has been that the stories have failed to move audiences aside from the dastardly CGI. Writers can look to comic book stories that connected with the readers for cues. In All Star Superman, Kent is told he is going to die in a year due to over exposure to solar radiation. The emotional fallout was a high point for Superman fans, and such a plotline can be perfect to make Henry Cavill a darling of the fans.

6. The Flashpoint:

The solo Flash movie is said to be set for release in 2020 and the plot is rumoured to be modelled on the Flashpoint Paradox. One thing that writers can do is keep the changes that happen after spacetime and reality are warped during the series of events of the Paradox. Something similar happened in the third season of The Flash and it has turned out well for the series.

7. Lessons from Arrowverse:

It is truly surprising that the Arrowverse has been such a hit – Supergirl, Arrow and The Flash dominate CW. When these shows began, they too had a number of issues. However, these were corrected when the makers listened to what their audiences were saying.

8. Wonder Woman:

One thing that DCEU needs to analyse is why Wonder Woman was a success when no other movie really was. The manner of storytelling is something that DCEU and Warner Bros. should look to emulate in future movies. Also, audiences seems to warm up to a female lead, and maybe a larger number of female superheroes from the world of DC can brought in to level the playing field.

9. Superman as a character:

The Son of Krypton is the man leading the Justice League, and from that inflection, he is the foremost character of the DCEU. However, the current iteration has come under heavy fire for not being true to what Superman really stands for. There is also a loss of depth to the character as fans struggle to find out what he is really thinking.

10. Crossover with the shows:

Subsuming the shows into the grander scheme of things of the DCEU could provide a big edge over the MCU. The MCU has kept out shows such as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and Daredevil. The DCEU could include Titans and others in the DCEU.

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