DCEU Plot Twists That We Didn’t See Coming

DCEU stories usually are seen to revolve around the most popular comic book stories. However, every time the DCEU movies have managed to surprise their audiences through minor twists and turns. Though DCEU has a limited number of films at its disposal, the stories despite the twists are all loved.

The small and sudden twists packed in between the scenes add spice to the DC movies stories. Let us look at examples of such surprise elements that were part of the DCEU movies:

1. Zod’s Murder by Superman

Superman surprisingly killed Zod
A glimpse of Superman and Zod

The ending of Man of Steel saw Zod exercising control over Superman. Superman was all set to save Zod; however, the latter was planning to kill a family. On knowing this, Superman decided to kill Zod. The scene left fans as well as Zod in shock.

2.Batman and Superman’s Destruction

The major fight between Superman and Batman
Fighters Superman and Batman

Lex Luthor was responsible for separating Batman and Superman even before they could know each other. Lex would have won however the fight emerged to be the actual reason that saved Clark’s life.

3. Superman’s Death

Doomsday killed Superman
Superman’s Death Scene

Batman was not the one who killed Superman. Lex, on the failure of his initial plan, restored his backup plan and appointed Doomsday to kill Superman. Sadly, Doomsday succeeded; however, fans knew that Superman would return at some point in time.

4. Patrick Morgan Played Ares

Patrick was the real Ares
A glimpse of Patrick

It was apparent that General Erich Ludendorff would depict the character of Ares, the god of war. However, Wonder Woman was left puzzled when the war did not end even after killing him. It is then that Sir Patrick Morgan discloses to Wonder Women that she targeted the wrong man and failed to recognize him as Ares. The scene was a surprise for fans as well Wonder Women for sure.

5. Steve Trevor’s Death

Steve died on consuming the poison
Last Scene between Wonder Woman and Steve

Wonder woman had no idea that she was the god-killer weapon that she had been searching for years. In killing Ares, the poison created by him was taken by Steve Trevor, which ultimately led to his demise. Steve’s death left Wonder Women in grief, and the scene came as a shock to the audiences.

6. The Comeback of Steve Trevor

Wonder Woman's love returns
The revival of Wonder Woman’s Man

Steve Trevor returned from death fit and fine in Wonder Women 1984. For years, Wonder Woman would pray for him to come back, and finally, he did. However, only Diana was able to recognize him since he appeared in another man’s body. Steve’s comeback was senseless and a surprise for the audiences.

7. Arrival of Superman for Lunch

Freddy's wish to meet Superman gets fulfilled
Billy’s Warm Nature

Shazam is one such light and fun-filled movie. Billy Batson was a family man, and he would go to any lengths to make his family happy. Freddy Freeman received a surprise lunch with Superman as arranged by Bitty. Freddy was stunned by Superman’s arrival, and so were the fans.

8. Harley Quinn’s Break up

Due to issues,Harley and Joker broke up in Birds of Prey
Joker and Harley’s Sad Break Up

The Joker and Harney Quinn resemble a unique couple since they both are villains. However, due to circumstances, they split up. In the movie Birds of Prey, their break up becomes evident. The breakup left the fans in shock.

9. Survival of Maxwell Lord

Maxwell Surprised fans with its survival
A glimpse of Maxwell

Wonder Woman was a good soul, and people never wished to fight against her. In the comics, she forcefully had to kill Maxwell Lord. However, in Wonder Woman 1984, as soon as she was about to kill Maxwell, he changed his mind and decided to leave. The plot was a little surprise for fans.

10. Second Chance to Justice League

Justice League failed on its first release
A still of the upcoming HBO Max Release

Justice League did not emerge to instant success and received a lot of negative reviews. However, despite its failure, it is getting a second chance. A ‘Synder Cut’ version of the movie will feature in HBO Max in the months to come. Another shocker for fans.

Let us know in the comments if the scenes and the twists mentioned above left you in shock or awwww.

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Subons Staff

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