DC’s brainiest Heroes Just assembled the Ultimate Science Squad

The Terrifics from the start has been one of the brainiest teams in the DC Universe. Since they were assembled in the wake of Dark Nights: Metal in 2018, the team has been guided by Mister Terrific, the hi-tech hero who’s the third smartest man in the DC world.

The terrific council

terrific council
The brainiest in all exotic forms of science

Terrific’s presence solely is enough to make his team one of DC’s smartest groups, but even then he’s joined by two veteran DC heroes named Metamorpho —the Element Man who can change his body into different elements and forms — and the elastic Plastic Man. Those three are also united by Phantom Girl, who the team came across on their first journey. Together, this team of heroes could be practically called DC’s answer to Marvel’s Fantastic Four, to some extent. And similarly that the Fantastic Four has inspired affiliate groups like the Future Foundation, The Terrifics 26 launches one of the smartest groups of DC heroes ever assembled, the Terrific Council.

The Terrifics Investigation

Terrific council marvel comics
competitors of the Fantastic four


In The Terrifics 26, the team is investigating the vanish of Stagg and his intern Luke, who turns out to be Plastic Man’s son, when the holographic train they’re riding suddenly evaporates into thin air. While investigating what went haywire with Mister Terrific’s new invention, the team starts to suspect that Stagg is somehow involved in the disappearances. Mister Terrific unfolds a heat signal a quarter-mile under the site of the incident, and he and his team set off to explore. Upon exploring. When wicked demonic forces start to overwhelm the Terrifics, the T-Council jumps onto the scene to save the day commanded by inventor Ted Kord’s Blue Beetle, this team includes multiple heroes who are known for the intelligence or scientific acumen.

The brainiest

The talented Alan Moore
The talented Alan Moore

Interestingly the T-Council also features super-scientist Tom Strong and his wife Dhalua Strong invented by Alan Moore and Chris Sprouse, Tom Strong and his family was originally part of Moore’s editorially independent America’s Best Comics imprint. together, the members of the T-Council have expertise in all from robotics, biology and diminishing technology to even more exotic forms of science. While it’s not entirely crystal how this will help the Terrifics’ approaching monster problem, the combined rosters of the Terrifics and the T-Council have enough brains to think their way through any chaos.

The origin of The Terrific explained below

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