DC’s Multiple Batmen Are Invading Gotham City, But Why?

The second round of DC’s “Battle for the Cowl” has begun as  Gotham City is invaded by not one but multiple Batmen.

The series is penned down by Dennis Culver with art by Giannis Milonogiannis.

Future State: Gotham #15 has almost all of the Batman Family fighting

Future State: Gotham #15

Future State: Gotham #15 has almost all Batmen against each other. After Dick Grayson/Nightwing donned the cowl, beating down Jace Fox to relinquish the mantle altogether in the last issue. Jace is now living at the mercy of Damian Wayne’s Batman 666  and Hu, who is pretending to be Bruce Wayne, while Nightwing fights most of the Bat Family to have his role intact as the sole Dark Knight.

Why Is the Bat Family and Its Allies Fighting?

DC has taken a new turn

Though Nightwing had a spat with the Bat Family as he believes he has quite a brilliant plan to save Gotham City, Hush is now deceiving Damian into believing that Gotham is under attack by villains from Bruce’s past.

Hush reveals to Damian the “Three Ghosts of Batman,” who were nothing but imposters that Bruce had earlier dealt with during Grant Morrison’s run on Batman. Due to the fact, that Hush has Damian believing that the three ghosts have made a comeback, he attacks Jace using a hellfire Batarang, and that is where Future State: Gotham #15 leaves off.

Actually, the three other Batmen in Gotham include Jace, Nightwing, and Bruce. Without having any knowledge that Hush is the one who is manipulating Damian, Bruce is now out looking for his son alongside Talia al Ghul, the mother of Damian. Apart from  Dick and Jace’s struggles, Peacekeeper Red/Jason Todd finds out that Bruce is indeed alive and working alongside Talia over the case though he takes on his mentor after he thought he is Hush.

Gotham Has Bigger Threats Than Batmen Imposters

Future State: Gotham

MagistrateWhile the Batmen are busy taking on each other, there is a larger threat than they face right now.

In the timeline of Future State, while the Batmen are busy fighting with each other, there is a much bigger threat that they will have to face.

Gotham is controlled by the Magistrate, which is militant police forced to end vigilantism in Gotham. Part of the reason why Jason and Bruce’s quarrel is that Bruce gets to know Jason is also working for the Magistrate as a peacekeeper, who is better known as the vigilante-hunting soldiers of the Magistrate.

On the other hand, Nightwing has an undisclosed plan to put the Magistrate to an end as Gotham is fully controlled by the Magistrate, a militant police force that had outlawed vigilantism in the city. Another part of the reason why Bruce and Jason’s quarrel is that Bruce gets to know Jason is working for the Magistrate as a peacekeeper. Meanwhile, the undisclosed plan of Nightwing is to put the Magistrate to an end.

The issue is now on sale from DC Comics.

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