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DC’s New Film Trinity Should Be Wonder Woman, Supergirl… And Batgirl


In the immediate wake left as the Cavill rumour rippled across the Internet, fans and pundits were quick to speculate about alternative actors to play the Man of Steel. Paramount among these was the rumour that Warner Bros.’ has been courting Michael B. Jordan to play Superman, though he’s most likely being looked at to portray Val-Zod of Earth 2.

Of the five films that have been released since the birth of what once was known as the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) — starting in 2013 with Man of Steel — only one has truly been both critically praised and commercially successful across the board: Wonder Woman.

It’s about past time we get to see new faces in the dc’s famous trinity trio. Here we suggest another super who is not superman but a girl, Kara Zor-el AKA Supergirl

another one being Barbara Gordon AKA The Batgirl. An all-girl trinity-the, girl power!

Or maybe one of these two cuties


What do you think?