DC’s New Gods vs. Marvel’s Eternals: Who Are The Stronger Cosmic Lords?

Upon closer inspection, it’s surprising to see that The New Gods and The Eternals share quite a few similarities in their respective mythologies. Although they don’t occupy the same corner of their respective superhero universes, they are both among Kirby’s oldest creations that helped form the foundation of his legendary career. Moreover, the characters themselves are made up of ethereal material and can be considered godlike both originating from legends created by none other than Jack Kirby himself. But when it comes to the comparisons; who could be the stronger cosmic lords?

The New Gods vs. The Eternals
The New Gods and The Eternals

The New Gods And The Eternals: Origins

Kirby’s work with the Fourth World characters, both popular and obscure, began when he left Marvel Comics in 1971 to join DC. They were originally introduced in Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #133, created by Kirby, and supplied with a script by Lee. The New Gods are the powerful lords of two alien worlds, the pastoral world of New Genesis ruled over by Highfather, and the hellish planet Apokolips ruled over by Darkseid. Made up largely of New Gods and their allies and enemies, the Fourth World saga was intended by Jack Kirby to continue indefinitely but DC ended it abruptly after just two years due to low sales.

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The New Gods and The Eternals
The New Gods in the comics

Kirby returned to Marvel in 1976, bringing with him an awesome and enormous tale of a race of ageless beings who were the first ones responsible for the origin and evolution of sentient life on Earth. One of these races, known as the Eternals, and their counterparts, the Deviants, are both seen as epitomes or avatars for their respective concepts: that is, cosmic gods that act primarily on a universal scale.

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The New Gods and The Eternals
The Eternals in the comics

The New Gods And The Eternals: Who Are The Strongest Cosmic Lords?

When it comes to the comparison between the cosmic lords, it is The Eternals who are going to win the title – ‘strongest.’ This is mostly because of the inclusion of the Celestials. The Celestials are one of Kirby’s greatest creations and they’re one of the most important cosmic elements in the Marvel Universe. The Eternals were created and granted superpowers by the Celestials, the Space Gods. They had incredible powers and enjoyed long lives, developing incredible technological progress as they did so. As humanity evolved, some of the Eternals acted as protectors over humankind as well as many other intelligent species that have populated the planet in their early years. At a certain time, their technology allowed some of them to develop great cosmic energy manipulation powers. Some Eternals decided to sail through deep space and colonize other worlds such as Jupiter’s moon – Titan.

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The New Gods and The Eternals
The Eternals in Marvel Comics
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