DC’s Stargirl: Joel McHale Now Series Regular For Season 3

DC’s Stargirl season 3 comes in with major news that Joel McHale is now upped to series regular! Stargirl is based on DC Comics series based on a character that was made by Geoff John in 1999. As we know, the series follows Courtney Whitmore, who is portrayed by Brec Bassinger. Her story is that he goes on to discover cosmic staff and ends up inspiring the new generation of superheroes. This, in turn, ends up becoming the reimagined Justice Society of America. And now, for Joel McHale, he has been upped to being a series regular for season 3. Check it out!

Joel McHale Is Now A Series Regular For DC’s Stargirl Season 3

Joel McHale in DC's Stargirl
Joel McHale in DC’s Stargirl

It’s truly a wonderful time for Joel McHale, who plays Sylvester Pemberton aka Starman. He will not finally get the chance to shine properly on the show. While appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, McHale confirmed his recent promotion. Alongside confirming his promotion, he said, “I’m very happy to be a part of the show, so thank you Geoff Johns who invented it.” Check out the full video below:

So far, McHale has appeared in a total of five episodes. He will now be appearing for the sixth time in the episode coming this Tuesday. McHale even appeared in the pilot episode. The action-packed cold open depicted the fateful, decade ago encounter with the Injustice Society that disassembled the original Justice Society of America. Previously this summer, Johns told TVLine, “You will see him come into play in Season 2, in flashbacks — we have a really cool one with [Starman] and the other JSA founders — and you will see Joel McHale into the later half of the season.”

Joel McHale is now a series regular for DC's Stargirl
Joel McHale is now a series regular for DC’s Stargirl

Joel McHale is surely in a different high right now considering he’s a series regular for the third show. If all goes well and the show continues for more seasons, we can expect a bit more of McHale and that too as a permanent cast. What do you think of DC’s Stargirl?

Check it out:

Source: TVLine

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