Most Batman fans aren’t really happy with Titans for making Bruce Wayne a murderer because now, Titans made Robin a killer in his new origin story, too.

This comes as a surprise to fans who felt that Brenton Thwaites’ performance and Titans’ treatment of Dick Grayson’s Robin was faithful to the comic book character. This includes his decision to leave Gotham, determined to prevent himself from killing bad guys as Batman had.

The latest episode, however, sees Dick’s origin story is the same as the version in the comics. When the TV version of the character finally found the man who killed his parents, he chose to kill him. In the comics, Batman and Robin capture the gangster and see him tried and sentenced to death. In the animated series, Robin lets Zucco fall to his death.

The 2000’s series also saw him stopping himself from killing him and the closest he was to kill Zucco was in Batman: Year Three where Zucco died from a heart attack while fleeing from Robin.

What makes Titans unique, as flashback sequences reveal, Robin tracks down Zucco for revenge and then got it in a barge of bullets. Titans see Tony Zucco being gunned down on a Gotham street and even if Dick Grayson wasn’t the one to do so, viewers will have a harsh time claiming that he wasn’t behind Zucco’s death.

For those who haven’t seen the episode, most of the story works similar to the version in the comics. Robin finds Zucco and gives him a brutal beating. Some could argue that Robin was planning on killing Zucco but when the time comes for him to take his revenge, his good side wins out. Just then, a group of Maroni gunmen arrive. Dick leaves Zucco to allow the gunmen to kill him instead of saving him.

Zucco gets brutally murdered while Dick remains silent nearby. For many fans of Batman comics, Robin’s own moral code, it’s his decision to abandon Zucco is an even worse outcome. The creators of Titans make sure that Robin comes out as a man who hates the man who killed his parents.

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