Deadliest Vigilantes In DC Universe, Officially Ranked

DC is home to a massive number of dark and powerful characters, many having special abilities like Superman and Wonder Woman. And then there are the ones which are vigilantes and highly trained fighters like Batman and Green Arrow. There has been a debate for long if these vigilantes can defeat those with superhuman abilities. Well, usually these non-powered characters are a butt of numerous jokes on the internet and we tend to forget them easily but these characters use the blend of artfulness, intelligence and combat skills to defeat their enemies.
Today we will tell you about the 6 most deadly vigilantes in DC comics.

6. Jonah Hex

One might argue that Jonah Hex isn’t really a vigilante, in its truest sense. However, Jonah is basically a bounty hunter who serves all the purposes of a vigilante; the only difference being that bounty hunters receive payment for their deeds.
A bounty hunter’s job is to end an individual or take them to the respective authorities and Jonah does however he feels like. In his world, it’s either him or no one else. He’s a brilliant fighter, gunslinger, tactician and a hero that his world needs.

5. Red Hood

Jason Todd’s views on justice differs variably from his mentor, Batman which leads to questionable behaviour from Jason which makes Batman wonder if he’s capable of the lethal force.
However, Jason returned as Red Hood, equipped with deadly pistols, cleaning Gotham of criminals. He eventually takes the force but it still remains as a temptation for him.

4. Shado

She first debuted in The Longbow Hunters and her motive was to right a wrong. Towards the end of the storyline, we saw her teaming up with Green Arrow and her archery skills make her an even more deadly opponent.
However, the New 52 storyline shows her as a villain and instead of teaming up with Green Arrow, this version is tasked to kill Oliver Queen. Regardless of this, Shado remains one of the most deadly vigilantes in DC universe.

3. Batman
There have been several occasions when Batman has used lethal force against enemies, especially during his early years and the modern take on Batman is different where he’s often tempted but manages to steer clear off such behaviour.
He’s a brilliant tactician and a ferocious fighter, who often loves to torture his enemies and whatever one might say, Batman is and always will be one of the most deadly vigilantes in DC.

2. Azrael
Azrael’s main purpose is vigilantism though her motives make her seem more of an assassin.
As both Azrael and Batman, Jean-Paul uses her abilities of a vigilante and his over aggressive behaviour made him a really dangerous Batman, who crippled and maimed his enemies. Even Nightwing almost lost his life once to his anger and Azrael is the kind of vigilante you definitely won’t wanna mess with.

1. Rorscach

This guy is an investigator and a vigilante whose abilities as a crime fighter make him sit on the top of our list. But soon, he adopts the lethal force as a part of his routine and it also results in the death of a young girl while he takes out the perpetrator.
With time, his violent behaviour gets worse and he started taking out all the criminals with no remorse and his later stint in prison does nothing to quell his violent instincts.

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