‘Deadpool 2′ Cast Had No Idea About Ryan Reynolds’ Other Secret Role

Fans were really glad to see X-Men villain Juggernaut in Deadpool 2 but well, you’d be really surprised to know who brought him to life.

We all know that Ryan Reynolds plays Deadpool in both the films but did you know that he also played Juggernaut in the film? Yes, this is something that even surprised Colossus actor, Stefan Kapicic.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter he said that he had no clue about who’d be doing the voice of Juggernaut in the film until right before the scene. He said, “Ryan is always there when I’m working on Colossus, helping me with the lines and giving me ideas. Then I saw Ryan getting into the CGI costume, and I’m like ‘What’s going on, man? Did I miss something?'”

Reynolds gave Juggernaut’s voice and his facial capture for the film though stunt performers kept filling his role during various scenes on the set. We don’t get to see the entire Juggernaut costume in the film but we do get to see his trademark helmet.

The fans can see that sequence along with a lot more in the Deadpool: Director’s Super Duper Cut, which also includes 15 minutes of footage that the creators were surprised to see in the cutting room. Here’s what Deadoool creator Rob Liefield had to say about the scene:

“When they showed me the movie, I said, ‘Hey, what happened to that scene? Why isn’t that scene in the movie?’ David (Leitch, the director) was really confident. He goes, ‘The pace of the movie we want to deliver works better with these action and humor scenes out of it.’ I said, ‘I will trust in you guys.'”

Deadpool 2 earned $732 million worldwide which isn’t as much as the original but still managed to reap a good amount. The movie also saw other characters like Josh Brolin’s Cable and Beetz’ Domino joining the original cast. The Director’s Cut for Deadpool 2 is already out on digital platforms and will release on Blu-Ray on August 21.

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